The Coast News Group

Letters: July 16, 2010

Save your Kudos for NCTD
I was a little confused when I read
the Community Commentary headline “Citizens praise smoke-free NCTD.” It was a strange way to praise a bus company for stopping most of their bus service, which resulted in shutting down much of the service needed by many North County passengers.
Reading further, I realized that all this to do and patting NCTD’s backs was because fewer passengers are smoking on the bus and train site properties. Of course there are. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to know that.
There are a lot less people able to ride NCTD’s buses anywhere anymore let alone sit and smoke on the platforms, or to have people actually sit and count and interview riders for grant money purposes.
This may have seemed to be a reasonable volunteer activity in 2008 for grant money, but it is now 2010 and NCTD buses are few and far between and no longer serve a large majority of the North County.
So please save your grant money and stop kudos to NCTD.
Jo Moran