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Letter: ‘Progressive drivel’ compels me

Dear Editor,

This letter is in defense of The Coast News’ reporting, editorial content and investigative reports.

My wife and I have lived in the same Leucadia home for 38 years and raised two children along the way. My wife is a registered nurse at Scripps who has cared for many residents over the years. I have owned and operated a small manufacturing firm for more than four decades.

So, with respect to Darius Degher’s letter, “What happened to The Coast News?” The answer is nothing but improvement, better reporting and generally more balanced.

My wife and I have been constant readers of The Coast News since we moved here from Los Angeles. Are there occasionally slants left or right? Of course. But on the whole, I would say the paper has grown and matured with time, especially when it comes to investigative reporting.

Degher observes that the newspaper has developed the flavor of Fox News.

To me, this represents the epitome of liberal/progressive intolerance where any opposing opinion which might represent a conservative viewpoint is ridiculed and rejected out of hand and therefore anyone with a conservative viewpoint is considered illiterate, racist or anti-American.

I appreciate a “liberal Democratic” majority may exist in Encinitas and it surely does at the local government level. But not 100% of our citizenry are of this persuasion. I certainly am not.

The City of Encinitas is the most poorly run and managed municipality of any North County coastal community.

I recall when the city was formed and stripped from the county so as to provide more direct government input and local control over our community.   

Since incorporation, the city has drifted further leftward at the expense of good and enlightened policies for the benefit of the local population.

The Walker situation is a perfect example of a secret, closed-door city administration run amok. Perhaps if the city would consider hiring more Sheriff’s deputies and providing more local traffic enforcement, this accident might not have happened.

I travel our local roads every day and can attest to the erratic driving, speeding and general disrespect for traffic laws. I cannot remember the last time I saw ANY enforcement of traffic laws — just more speed bumps and flashing signs.

Encinitas, sandwiched between two very well-run cities — Solana Beach and Carlsbad — is managed disgracefully.

The Coast News’ report about housing discrimination is a prime example of long-term liberal policies benefiting the well-connected elite.

And especially those “special few” who are able to influence politicians to enact legislation to enrich themselves of time because they have patient money.

How can a law be so flawed as to provide for well-heeled investors to control the availability of low to moderate-income housing through long-term leases while not providing a fair mechanism for low-income people to achieve homeownership?

The entire process in this city is a disgrace and I find it rich when Degher opines that the ethics and integrity of some of our elected officials are above reproach.

The words “ethics” and “politicians” in the same sentence are an oxymoron. The best one can say about most elected officials is their life’s dream is to be important and influential. And of course, to win re-election.

The crowning glory of Degher’s letter is his biased reference to Supervisor Jim Desmond and his support of former President Trump as if that disqualifies him from having an opinion. Trump was a real estate scallywag, a crude womanizer and a narcissist, but he was duly elected.

There is a lot to criticize about every facet of our community, but I would describe our city government as sclerotic, dysfunctional and biased.

For instance, there is a great effort in Cardiff to improve infrastructure and provide for a more peaceful environment like the quiet railroad crossing at Birmingham.

This, of course, is the tony neighborhood where I believe many of our council members reside.

The intersection at Leucadia Blvd and Coast Highway 101 would greatly benefit from a quite crossing. Instead, our neighborhood is slated for two more grade-level crossings between Leucadia Boulevard and La Costa Avenue, likely resulting in a constant horn blowing.

And yet, somehow, the city has found the resources to provide underground rail tunnels at Swami’s and Paul Ecke Central Elementary.

This is just more evidence of the second-class citizen status of all who live north of Leucadia Blvd.

In all my life, I’ve never written a letter to the editor. But the progressive drivel in Degher’s letter compelled me to respond.

Dave Clinton, Leucadia

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steve333 December 9, 2021 at 2:16 pm

Agree 100% with this article. We need to make sure that the District is informed about Blakespear’s incompetence and self promotion at the expense of constituents.
She has done more damage to Encinitas than any other Mayor in any City I have ever lived in, and that includes New York and los Angeles.
Fauxgressives like Blakespear and Todd Gloria must be stopped before they completely destroy San Diego

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