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Letter: Is the City of Encinitas just virtue signaling?

When push comes to shove, comparing apples to oranges is like taking a long walk on a short pier.

While some people believe the D-variant is responsible for the sky’s falling, others understand that what’s good for the goose can be just fine with the goose, but the gander might not share the same views.

Differences of opinion prevent mindless compliance.

Beating around the bush and wailing on dead horses hiding there in the shrubbery don’t work when we’re counting chickens.

And when ridiculous cliches are used as substitutes for actual, rational, reasonable thought, you get pronouncements such as this one from Mayor Blakespear: “We at the City of Encinitas are holding ourselves to a higher standard of safety.”

We? Does she mean the royal we? And exactly what “higher standard” includes placing employees on unpaid leave for a month?

Maybe they are unnecessary. If that’s the case, why were they hired in the first place?

After all, who needs the people who work to enforce city codes and maintain city streets and mow the lawns at the parks and empty the trash cans around town?

Who needs the nurses and doctors who have (for whatever reasons) decided not to be vaccinated?

When the science tells us that people who have recovered from COVID-19 are already protected and unlikely to pass the virus they don’t have anymore to others who have bought the bogus nonsense that says a paper mask purchased at CVS or 7-Eleven provides protection, more severe restrictions and widespread firings will widen existing political divides.

Statements like “holding ourselves to a higher standard of safety” are clearly nothing but virtue signaling.

These kinds of cliches fail to bolster the character and/or moral superiority of the speaker.

“Higher standard of safety,” my a–.

Rodney B. Scow