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Letter: Congress must continue to protect our coast from offshore drilling

As a competitive free diver, I dive 170 feet under the ocean and strive to adapt my physiology to the pressure and cold of the ocean. Through this practice, I see potential for humans to learn to treat the ocean with deep respect. In a recent proclamation addressing National Ocean Month, President Trump made it clear that all he sees is an “enormous opportunity” to expand oil and gas drilling.

Since taking office, President Trump has been attempting to expand dirty and dangerous offshore drilling to nearly all U.S. waters, including the San Diego coastline.

This not only threatens marine life; it threatens our way of life and the gift we possess for people who have traveled far and wide to see California’s coastline.

San Diego’s congressional members— Mike Levin, Susan Davis, Scott Peters, and Juan Vargas — have all taken measures to protect our coast. Now, there is a new pathway for them to meet the challenge.

For nearly 30 years (starting in 1982), Congress restricted spending on federal oil and gas leasing activities, effectively banning new offshore drilling. With so much at stake for coastal communities, Congress must ensure protections from expanded offshore drilling in the next federal spending bill.

Brady Bradshaw