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Letter: Another day, another battery storage fire

It seems like every week we read about another lithium-ion battery fire. The latest one is this week’s energy storage facility fire in Otay Mesa. 

As of May 26, the fire seemed to be contained, but residents remained under an evacuation warning. So why are the San Diego County Board of Supervisors considering approving another such facility in Eden Valley? 

The proposed Seguro energy storage project would be one of the largest facilities of its kind, and certainly the largest in a residential zone. 

With millions of battery cells packed into one location, the risk of a fire turning into a runaway chain reaction calamity becomes significant. 

The health and safety risk to firefighters, residents, and anyone downwind or in the path of a resulting wildfire is simply too great. 

Do people have to die before our county leaders heed the warning flares and require battery storage facilities be built in appropriate locations? 

Debbie O’Neill

Harmony Grove

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