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Dr. Carlos Adrian Casas, DDS, performs high-level, affordable dentistry in Tijuana, Mexico, at prices 50 percent less than dentists in the U.S.
Dr. Carlos Adrian Casas, DDS, performs high-level, affordable dentistry in Tijuana, Mexico, at prices 50 percent less than dentists in the U.S.
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High-level, affordable dentistry where you might not expect it

TIJUANA, MEXICO — While leaving the country for dental care might sound extreme to some, a growing number of San Diegans are crossing the border every day for everything from a routine cleaning to porcelain veneers. As the need for affordable, high-quality dentistry rises, the stigma surrounding traveling to Tijuana is gradually subsiding.

With concierge-level service and prices around 50 percent less than in the U.S., the Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry (ICD) in Tijuana draws nearly 90 percent of its patients from this side of the border. “We do cosmetic dentistry, pure porcelain crowns (no metal), Zirconium crowns, porcelain veneers, dental implants, root canal therapy, orthodontic treatments, wisdom tooth extractions, white fillings and all general dentistry,” Dr. Carlos Adrian Casas, DDS, said.

One of the ways that the team at ICD goes above and beyond for its patients is by offering a shuttle service to its patients coming from San Diego. “We are only five minutes away from the border, and we offer shuttle service from the border,” Dr. Casas said. “We will pick you up and then take you back again after your visit.”

For anyone who wants to make a vacation out of it, or who might be looking for a procedure over the course of a few days, ICD is there to help. “We can offer you some very good hotel options if you are thinking of staying here in the city,” Dr. Casas said.

Dr. Casas recognizes that choosing a dentist is an important decision and not one that should be made lightly. “You have to be very careful when choosing your dentist, especially a cosmetic dentist,” he said. “Here at ICD, we have dentists specializing in every area we offer.”

Dr. Casas is confident in the care that he and his team provide, and he wants his patients to share that confidence. “My advice to patients is, if you are thinking of coming for a first-time appointment in Tijuana, for whatever reason, do your research,” he said. “Investigate and ask questions.”

Utilizing the same technology as in the U.S., ICD does most of its work in the Dental Lab. “We use CAD-CAM Technology, which is a computer-sized drilling machine that creates the crown from a block of porcelain,’ Dr. Casas said. “We also use digital x-rays and intra-oral cameras.”

The combination of the latest in dentistry technology, with a savings of more than half from treatments in the U.S, make Dr. Casas and the ICD team a desirable choice for any patient’s needs. “We want to give you the best service, the best product, and still save you more than 50 percent on your dental treatment,” Dr. Casas said.

ICD is currently offering a special for patients that includes a checkup, cleaning and X-ray if necessary for $65. “If you are only coming for a checkup and to do a diagnostic, we won’t charge you a cent,” Dr. Casas said.

The prices at ICD are so affordable that it is an ideal option for those currently without dental insurance. But for those who are covered, ICD does accept U.S. insurance. “We accept PPO (Blue Cross, Met-Life, Delta-Dental) and we work with a U.S. insurance broker to verify the insurance prior to treatment so that the patient won’t pay anything out of pocket,” Dr. Casas said. Financing is also available.

Dr. Casas graduated with honors and earned his DDS degree from the University of Baja California School of Dentistry and has been in private practice since 1998. The ICD team also includes Dr. Hector Santillana, implant specialist; Dr. Ricardo Gallegos, root canal specialist; Dr. Diana Damariz, root canal specialist; Dr. Marcela Tovar, orthodontic specialist; Dr. Francisco Raigoza, oral surgeon; and Veronica Rodriguez, head dental assistant.

Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry is located at 10310 Paseo Centenario Av. Zona Rio, in the Cazzar building on the 5th Floor, #506 in Tijuana.

To see video testimonials from patients at ICD, search for “” on YouTube. For more information, including a full list of services and prices, visit or call (619) 955-7619.

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