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Hair Restoration…Why Wait? Get Lasting, Natural Results

If you’re experiencing hair loss, chances are you’ve found plenty of reasons to talk yourself out of hair restoration. Many people like to make lists of pros and cons before making a life-changing decision such as this. What Dan Wagner, CEO of MyHairTransplantMD, has found is that many clients wish they hadn’t waited as long as they did to come in for a consultation. “Our free, comprehensive consultation appeases any fears or misconceptions people might have about hair restoration,” he said. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, ‘Why did I wait so long to do this?’”

One of the most common resistances around hair restoration is that clients have an outdated image of what the results will be. “The days of obvious procedures are behind us,” Wagner said. “Advancements in hair restoration have made it possible to restore your natural look and replace your natural hair line.”

MyHairTransplantMD offers both FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and the traditional FUG (Follicular Unit Grafting) methods for hair restoration. “Both FUE and FUG produce amazing, natural looking results,” Wagner said. “The FUE hair transplant is relatively new, and among its notable benefits are that it is minimally invasive and there is no linear scar. FUE is essentially the ‘one hair at a time’ method. The hairs are extracted the same way they grow, in naturally occurring clusters.”

Another common reason Wagner hears for putting off hair restoration is that clients don’t want to commit to a procedure that will require maintenance. “Unlike most topical treatments for balding issues, a hair transplant procedure offers the most reliable and permanent solution,” he said. “Hair restoration is a one-day process, and it doesn’t require any upkeep or maintenance.”

“I’m too busy.” Many clients put off hair restoration because they feel they just simply don’t have the time. “In this day and age, everyone is so busy and any type of self-care gets pushed to the bottom of an ever-growing to-do list,” Wagner said. “When I tell people that the procedure itself takes hours, that the recovery time for an FUE procedure is only a few days, and that they can literally be back at work the following day, they can’t believe it!”

If you have been living with hair loss want to find a permanent and natural looking solution, Wagner invites you to schedule a free consultation at MyHairTransplantMD. Go to or call (800) 262-2017 for clear procedure pricing, testimonials or to schedule your no-cost consultation.

The office is located at 2103 S. El Camino Real, Suite 201, Oceanside 92054.