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H2OMICS podcast
In the midst of the ‘megadrought.’ a new podcast has been launched on smart irrigation.

H2OMICS podcast for smart irrigation

CARLSBAD — In the midst of the ‘megadrought’ affecting the Western United States and beyond, a newly-launched podcast from smart irrigation innovator Calsense is bringing clarity to the challenges and proposed solutions related to responsible use of our water resources.

To listen to the H2OMICS podcast, visit or search for H2OMICS on your favorite podcast platform. Each episode of the H2OMICS podcast features an interview with an expert in the fields of smart irrigation and water conservation or sustainability, highlighting vital topics which might otherwise not be on the radar of listeners.

“Water conservation is absolutely critical to the health of the planet,” podcast host Carolina Alban-Stoughton said. “But sometimes it seems like it’s only when summertime water restrictions are introduced that we think about the ways in which we are using water.

“H2OMICS is a forum for discussion of the water issues which affect us all every day. So we look at technology like smart irrigation, which uses weather and soil sensors to ensure landscapes are not over- or under-watered. We talk about the ways individuals, public entities and companies can be more efficient in their water usage. We look at radical solutions to water supply issues, including potable reuse – cleaning and reusing our drinking water. And we even drill down into how these initiatives can be financed.”

The newest episode of H2OMICS features a conversation with Noel Harryman, director of Site Maintenance at Jefferson County Public Schools in Colorado.

“With kids going back to school, there’s a lot of preparation and maintenance that takes place in order to have sports fields in optimal and safe condition for young athletes,” Alban-Stoughton said. “A big part of that includes proper irrigation for the activity level of specific fields. They can be incredibly busy, with hundreds or thousands of students using them each day. We talked about the challenges Noel and his team face in keeping those fields in playable condition, how they use technology to do so, and the way they are preparing for a future where the climate crisis will have an increasing impact on landscape management.”

Calsense was established in Carlsbad, in response to drought conditions decades ago. The company’s vision is to contribute to a sustainable future by saving water