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Gig speed ahead with Cox High Speed Internet

A trash can that creates a shopping list after it scans items you throw away. A virtual reality headset that takes people to places they can’t physically visit, including the Eiffel Tower, an African safari, or the street where they grew up. A robotic cat that is so lifelike it provide comfort to seniors suffering from dementia who don’t have the ability to care for a pet.

These devices and other technologies are already on the market and available to consumers. But, as more and more smart devices enter the home, it’s more important than ever to have internet service that provides the speed, features and reliability that will give you the best smart home experience possible.

It’s estimated that, by 2020, the average household will have 50 internet-connected devices in the home. That’s just a few years away.

Fortunately, Cox Communications has already invested millions of dollars in its network to strengthen its infrastructure and deliver the ultra-fast internet speeds necessary to enable smarter homes, businesses and cities.

Cox, which already offers gigabit speeds to local businesses, now offers gigabit internet speeds to its residential customers throughout San Diego County. Known as Gigablast, Cox’s 1 gigabit internet speed (1 Gbps) delivers 1,000 megabits per second (Mbps) of broadband internet. That’s the fastest residential internet service around.

Gigablast allows users to:

  • Run all internet-enabled devices at the same time
  • Stream more than 25 4K HD videos simultaneously
  • Download an HD movie in less than 60 seconds
  • Download 100 songs in three seconds
  • Upload about 1,000 photos in a minute

Whether for work, school or entertainment, internet-enabled devices in the home require a strong WiFi connection. Cox is staying ahead of demand when it comes to customers’ ability to simultaneously stream, download and share on multiple internet-enabled devices.

Cox is also continuing its investments in San Diego and making significant upgrades to its infrastructure as part of the company’s commitment to invest $10 billion in its network over the next five years so that it is always ready for the future and the needs of its customers.

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