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For more than 1.3 billion PC gamers in the world, enhanced performance is the key to success. Courtesy photo
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Gaming the ‘Elite’ way for more wins

More than two-thirds of Americans play video games, and the pandemic was a forcing factor as we tried to have fun despite lockdowns and avoid in-person gatherings to stay healthy. From stress relief to education, video games can be an escape. And in some instances, even a career.

But what happens when you’re in the middle of that winning moment and a wifi lag hits? You glitch. You miss an attack. You might even lose.

So how can you lead your team to victory? Reduce the lag that stands in your way of winning. Cox Communications’ Elite Gamer offers intelligent routing to automatically find a faster path for your PC game data, improve gameplay, and reduce the disconnections, ping spikes and jitter that cause you grief. It lowers latency by routing PC game traffic after it leaves Cox’s network via the most efficient internet path to gaming servers for greater stability and up to 32% less lag compared to standard Cox internet.

With more than 1.3 billion PC gamers in the world, enhanced performance is key to your success – and a competitive edge is possible with less latency and an optimized connection while playing.

Consider these tips to enhance your gaming experience:

PC Health Check

An excellent network connection isn’t all that’s needed for a strong in-game experience. Your PC’s health is just as important. Check your hardware for system requirements, ensure your drive is up to date, close background applications and processes, and defragment your hard drive to optimize storage.

Review Your Performance Metrics

It’s important to have insights that sharpen your winning edge. Elite Gamer puts you in control with a dashboard that displays game connection improvements, real-time connection quality, previous game details and more to some of the most popular PC games.

Bypass Internet Traffic Jams with Gaming VPN

Consider also using Cox’s Gaming Private Network (GPN) – a gaming virtual private network (VPN) and gaming-exclusive network that can help improve your overall experience, increase connection speeds, bypass internet traffic jams for reduced interruptions, and optimize your connection between your PC and gaming server.

Look for These Router Features

Your router itself can impact your gaming experience. To further help with optimizing network traffic to your PC and reduce lag, your router should have a high-bandwidth range and ethernet ports for faster speeds and wired capabilities, geo-filtering as an advanced feature to reduce your ping, and dual- or tri-band options to split up network traffic for faster speeds.

Maximize Your Entire Home Internet Experience

Beyond Elite Gamer, your overall home internet connection is just as important. The Wifi Pro Tip Masterlist on includes a list of tips and tricks to maximize home network performance such as placing wifi modems up high, off the floor and away from mirrors for better signal reach.

With Cox’s powerful network, gamers can become unstoppable. Cox has invested more than $15 billion in the past 10 years in its network to better serve customers and bring next-generation gigabit internet speeds to homes. And, today, the company continues to invest in its network, which was built to handle peak usage. Elite Gamer and the tips above will help improve your gameplay when every millisecond counts.