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Free Lecture: How to Change Your Thoughts About Healing


ENCINITAS— Dr. Dolores Fazzino is presenting her most requested lecture, “How to Change Your Thoughts About Healing” on March 6 at the San Diego County Credit Union Community Room, 501 N. Camino Real in Encinitas from 6 to 7:30 pm.

Dr. Fazzino, DNP, is a nurse practitioner who has worked in the health care field for the past 30 years and assisted in more than 9000 surgeries during her career. With her degree of experience and education, Dr. Fazzino will tell you that if a client understands the importance of the mind-body connection to healing and good health, their chances for a lifetime of good health increases exponentially.

Dr. Dolores Fazzino coaches her clients who are suffering from a chronic illness or facing surgery. Courtesy photo

She instills in her surgery clients the notion that surgery addresses the physical body, but it is the power of mind and spirit that truly bring complete and permanent healing.

Dr. Fazzino shares similar philosophies with two big names in whole body medicine — Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Deepak Chopra. Building on their philosophies, she will tell you that she has always believed that Western medicine is really good at taking care of acute problems, but it isn’t good when trying to recover from a chronic illness or recover from surgery. 

“Western medicine is excellent at taking care of the physical body,” Dr. Fazzino said. “But that’s just 25 percent of the overall healing. It doesn’t address the other 75 percent, which are the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of healing.” 

Dr. Fazzino decided it was time to make official the way she has always practiced nursing and surgical assisting and to blend it with her extensive knowledge of mind-body healing by founding Concierge Surgical Coaching.©  “What I do is coach my clients who are suffering from a chronic illness or facing surgery, whether it’s for cancer, joint replacement or for any other surgery, to incorporate practices using a mind-body connection to bring faster and permanent healing. What I do is coach my clients who are suffering from a chronic illness, facing surgery, or recovering from surgery,”  that would seal the deal!

Dr. Fazzino has a virtual practice and works with people all over the country. “I work with clients one on one, looking for permanent healing,” she said. “I empower them to take ownership over their bodies and to make the right choices for themselves. We all have an inner physician — our intuition. I help my clients to tap into that. Everyone is capable of permanent healing.  If they believe that they can heal.”

Her work with surgical clients, who hire her for Concierge Surgical Coaching©, generally spans a two-month period. “Sometimes people know ahead of time that they will need surgery,” Dr. Fazzino said. “Ideally, you want to start the healing process as soon as possible, even prior to the surgery.” With techniques and processes like guided meditations, she helps her clients prepare spiritually, emotionally and mentally for what they are about to encounter. By helping them shift their thinking, she teaches them how to set themselves up for a successful surgery and healing process. 

“My techniques are very effective,” she said. “Working with cancer patients prior to surgery, I’ve seen them come back with a diagnosis, at surgery, much less intense than what it had been at the initial diagnosis.”

Ann Smith of San Diego experienced this firsthand when she worked with Dr. Fazzino. “Addressing my emotional, physical, and mental state when a life changing diagnosis came my way was one of the crucial times to have the support of a professional like Dolores,” she said. “This support changed everything about my treatment and opportunity for wellness and healing in the midst of a very physical setback.”

Another client, Ariel Lange of Encinitas, appreciated Dr. Fazzino’s customized treatment as well as her welcoming presence. “It’s been such a pleasure working with Dolores,” she said. “If you’re looking for someone amazing to help with your healing process, Dolores is the best! She tailors everything to you personally listening carefully to your preferences and needs. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Dr. Fazzino is excited to bring her message to a wider audience.

She shared, at one recent event, she had a doctor and her office staff attend her workshop. “I took them through a guided meditation, and this doctor had never meditated before,” she said. “I explained further what I had done and suddenly the doctor said, ‘Oh my god! I get it, they are healed before they come into surgery!’ She got it.”

In the upcoming lecture Dr. Fazzino will offer information on:

• How to, improve your healing and surgical outcomes by awaking your inner healer;

• How to reduce stress and align with your healing powers;

• How beliefs and emotions can either help or hinder the healing process;

• How to formulate a blueprint for healing; and

• How meditation and other mind body practices can become powerful parts of your healing practices.

Are you, or someone you, know facing surgery or suffering a chronic illness? Come out and meet Dr. Fazzino and learn how to put her powerful  practices to work in your life!  Here’s to your health!

Please RSVP at [email protected] or call (760) 579-2440.  Seating is limited.