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Frank chosen as RSF school board chief

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe School District selected Todd Frank to serve another one-year term as board president. The decision was made at a rescheduled school board meeting on Dec. 14. The original meeting for Dec. 7 was canceled due to the Lilac fire.

Superintendent David Jaffe explained that the board president, who lives in Elfin Forest, had to remain near home during the fire. Other items on the agenda involved presenters traveling from out of the area. Freeway driving was nearly impossible due to the congestion.

A portion of the regular board meeting on Dec. 14 was dedicated to organization and appointments. Jaffe said appointments are made at an annual organizational meeting at every school district.

On Dec. 14, the board identified the president, vice president and clerk during the organization portion of the meeting. The body of the board can self-nominate, or the board can do the nomination.

In a 5-0 vote, Frank was selected to continue as president for another consecutive year.

Board member Scott Kahn was nominated as vice president. According to Jaffe, Kahn decided to serve on the Rancho Santa Fe Education Foundation as an ex-officio member. Instead, board member Tyler Seltzer was nominated and voted in at 5-0. Like Frank, Seltzer will also serve a second consecutive year in this position.

Also in a 5-0 vote, Sarah Neal will serve as clerk to the Rancho Santa Fe School Board.

Appointments were also divvied up.

“Sarah is assigned to be representative attending the Annual School Board Association Meeting in San Diego,” Jaffe said. “Sarah was also nominated to represent this district on the North Coastal Consortium for Special Education as a board representative. And I will be the leader on that.”

Jaffe reiterated that these were annual appointments.