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Frank and Ritto seek another RSF District term

RANCHO SANTA FE — The RSF School District Board of Trustees will soon have two seats open in November. Trustees, Todd Frank and Marti Ritto, have decided to run once again for a four-year term.

The deadline for candidate filing is Aug. 8.

Ritto, who has already served four years, wants the honor to serve more time in this position.

“My two daughters are still students in the District and I would like to continue to serve my community and further the culture of academic excellence in the District,” she said. “I believe strongly in the tradition of community service and in the ability of education to advance young peoples’ lives.”

Ritto went on to say how education was critical for her to accomplish her goals as a technologist when working at Yahoo! Inc. in its formative years and also as a professional opera singer.

“It is that background in technology and music that makes me believe I am uniquely qualified to help the district achieve our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) goals,” she said.

While being on the board of trustees, Ritto said, she has been proud of its many accomplishments.

The first of these includes MUSE (Mastering Unique Self Expression) which has received award-winning recognition for its musical educational program. Other District successes include a Technical Theatre Program and Drama Program.

According to Ritto, in 2014, more than 30 percent of the student body took part in the music program.

“I am also very proud that we have been able to equip the children with new technology with a school-wide iPad rollout, and with the creation of an award-winning Robotics program in conjunction with FIRST® LEGO® League & FTC; and, we have also begun to integrate programming languages and the Hour of Code National program into the curriculum.”

Within San Diego County, during the 2012-2013 school year, the Rancho Santa Fe School District received the highest marks in Academic Performance Index.

Ritto wants people to know that she looks forward to helping ensure the tradition of “superior education” continues to thrive in the District.

For Frank, he wants to serve another term to give back to the community, as well.

“First of all, it’s all about the kids,” he said. “Making sure they have the best and most enriching experience that they can have.”

Frank went on to say that RSF is an incredible community and the District has a great deal of potential. “And the school is something that enhances the value of our community — there is still so much to be done and I want to be around to see it through.”

Frank has also enjoyed working with the other board of trustees. He described them as a group with different backgrounds and interests that work very well together.

Superintendent Lindy Delaney is both appreciative and thrilled that Ritto and Frank have opted to seek re-election.

Delaney commends them, along with the other board members, who step up to help a school district move forward.

“I have to say that Marti and Todd have been outstanding board members in many ways. Todd is currently the vice president and he’s been very thoughtful about our programs,” she said.

Delaney calls Frank’s passion for education outstanding.

Delaney also praised Ritto’s strong technology background and enthusiasm for the performing arts.

“She has helped us develop programs with a high focus and interest in education and how our students learn,” she said.

Over the course of her term, Ritto has served as both president and vice president.

Delaney went on to say how much Ritto and Frank have brought to the board calling their service wonderful.