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FedEx Center set to open and bring 1,000 jobs

OCEANSIDE — The Planning Commission gave a unanimous go ahead on Nov. 17 to a parcel map, development plan and use permit to combine 12 land parcels into one to accommodate the 306,000 square foot FedEx Ground Distribution Center, which set to open in the Pacific Coast Business Park.

The business is seen as a perfect fit for the industrial area.

“It’s the whole reason the business park was designed to begin with, to bring in strong business partners,” Commissioner Claudia Troisi said.

The business expects to bring 1,000 new jobs to the city when the facility is operating at full capacity.

Five hundred immediate jobs will be filled to open the center in 2016 with pay ranging from $13 an hour, to annual salaries in the $62,000 range.

“The biggest asset to Oceanside is jobs,” John Vyerberg, Scannell Properties development manager, said. “They will be good, well paying jobs.”

The site will sort and deliver small packages, and have limited customer pickup.

Business operations will be housed in three one-story stucco, anodized aluminum and glass buildings on the 38.6-acre site. The finishes and landscaping are designed to match the surrounding area.

A combination of block wall and metal fencing will surround the facility, including an eight-foot sound wall that will be built and landscaped to minimize noise to homes on the northeast side of the center. Operations will go on 24/7 year round.

A city traffic comparison showed the business would not have a significant impact on area roadways.

“It’s a really nice addition to Oceanside,” Commissioner Tom Rosales said. “It’s a really nice project. We’re all really supportive of new jobs coming to Oceanside.”

FedEx will invest $50 million in the property, construction, and city fees to open the facility.