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Escondido Community Foundation to award grants to local organizations
Applications are now open for local organizations to submit a letter of intent specifically for projects in Escondido. Courtesy photo
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Escondido Community Foundation to award grants to local organizations

ESCONDIDO — The Escondido Community Foundation, an affiliate of the San Diego Foundation, is awarding grants to support organizations that provide workforce development resources needed for economic growth in Escondido.

The foundation is committed to meeting emerging needs in Escondido by encouraging and increasing effective and responsible philanthropy in the community.

In the 2022-2023 grant cycle, the foundation will award funding to programs that provide resources for job readiness, job shadowing, internships, vocational education, advancement opportunities and technology instruction.

Applications are now open for local organizations to submit a letter of intent to receive grants, specifically for projects in Escondido.

The funding range is $15,000 to $35,000 for each organization selected. According to Trudy Armstrong, director of regional outreach, seven to eight organizations will be awarded.

“We do annual grantmaking that we grant out once a year that has a specific focus, and this year it’s workforce development,” Armstrong said. “We want to increase the skillsets of individuals to lift people up to better economic conditions. It can be entry-level for students that are entering internships and that sort of thing, but we are hoping to, as we see people leaving the workforce, we want to help people get a new set of skillsets to advance in their careers.

“We’re also looking for people that will provide services that overcome workforce barriers, because we found, especially during the pandemic, that childcare issues or transportation issues can prevent someone from moving up in their career.”

Once organizations admit a letter of intent, the first step in the two-step application process, the foundation will evaluate their project proposal and determine which projects will be the most successful and make the most impact in the Escondido community.

These projects should be achievable within a 12-month timeframe and have prospects for long-term sustainability.

“We want to support and uplift Escondido and we are seeing a need to help people increase their workforce skills,” Armstrong said. “Every year we do discovery, which means that we talk to leaders in the community and organizations like the Chamber, the City of Escondido and other nonprofits to see what everyone sees as the emerging need for that year.

“Behavioral health and mental health was last year after the pandemic, and now they want to move it forward to helping people really reenter the workforce at a higher level.”

The deadline for applications is Jan. 24, 2022.

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