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Cox partners with Computers 2 Kids to recycle and refurbish e-waste for students and families in need. Photo courtesy Cox Communications
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Easy ways to make an impact during Earth Month

Throughout April, people all over the world will join together in celebration of Earth Month. At Cox, driving positive environmental change is one of the most important things we do (in fact, it’s why we’ve invested more than $100 million in sustainability and conservation projects since we launched our Cox Conserves initiative in 2007). You could say every month is Earth Month at Cox.

Looking to make your own impact on our environment? Thankfully, local organizations are not only protecting our planet but also helping people, businesses and communities become more aware of how we can all take practical steps to live more sustainably.

I Love A Clean San Diego (ILACSD) takes this awareness a step further, providing innovative educational programs that promote environmental literacy for San Diego County students. Research shows that exposure to environmental topics from an early age helps kids develop into more informed and engaged environmental stewards.

Cox recently supported ILACSD’s environmental education program for an entire school year. The program educated 23,000 local students about watersheds, ocean acidification, waste reduction, and resource conservation.

A teacher from Montessori School of Oceanside said, “My students were left feeling informed and empowered to help the environment.”

In honor of Earth Month, here are some ideas from I Love A Clean San Diego on how we can all show our planet some love – not just during Earth Month, but all year long.:

Buy Sustainable Products

Think renewable with your shopping. Bamboo fiber T-shirts in place of cotton. Clean, organic wines from a local winery in place of imported, sulfite-heavy brands. Spices in reusable containers instead of plastic-wrapped gift sets.

Sort Household Waste

Sort organic waste such as food and paper for an entire day, week or month for an eye-opening look at how much waste is generated in your home. If organic recycling isn’t offered by your waste hauler, check with recyclers in your area.

Donate/Recycle E-waste

Don’t throw out unwanted laptops, printers, keyboards, or power cords. When electronic waste ends up in the landfill, its toxic material can get into groundwater, ultimately harming land and sea animals.

Even unusable electronics still contain valuable metals.

To help bridge the digital divide, Cox partners with San Diego nonprofit Computers 2 Kids, which recycles and refurbishes unwanted e-waste for students, families and individuals who don’t have a computer at home.     

Conserve Home Energy

Do chores the old-fashioned way every now and then to avoid using heavy-duty appliances. Or try eating outdoors more often to avoid using your oven or microwave.

Home automation can also help you turn the lights and thermostat on and off while you’re away from home

Cox Conserves has goals to send zero waste to landfill by 2024 and be carbon and water neutral by 2034.

We’re on track to meet those goals and will continue to support organizations that help our community conserve precious resources and become more sustainable.

Happy Earth Month!