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Planet Fitness expands in North County with a new club in San Marcos. Courtesy photo
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Simple steps to better health

By Bill Fidler, CEO of One World Fitness, Franchisee of Planet Fitness

With summer approaching and the worst of the pandemic finally behind us, North County residents are ready to get back to the activities that bring us joy, like vacations, neighborhood barbecues, and play dates for our kids. But while we celebrate the ability to get back to normal, it’s important we also take care of our own health.

According to an October 2021 Harvard Medical School Journal, 39% of patients gained weight during the pandemic, with weight gain defined as above the normal fluctuation of 2.5 pounds. Approximately 27% gained less than 12.5 pounds, and about 10% gained more than 12.5 pounds, with 2% gaining over 27.5 pounds. The good news is that it’s never too late to get healthy and feel your best.

Health experts recommend that we accumulate 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity each week. And achieving your personal fitness goals is easy to do if you follow these simple steps:

Team up with a friend

So that you keep each other accountable to your fitness goals. There are other benefits of working out with a friend, including it makes staying fit more enjoyable, reduces stress, and you’re less likely to quit.

Know your long-term goals

Think about the future and what you want to accomplish. Perhaps it is losing 20 pounds in 12 months. Whatever it may be, share your goal with your workout buddy and write it down. Writing down your personal goal is a powerful way to stick with it.

Establish measurable benchmarks

Okay, now that you have a long-term goal, think about the short-term goals that you’ll need to reach monthly to get there. The key is to make your goals achievable. As you make progress, it will keep you motivated and easier to see the finish line.

Reward yourself for achieving short-term goals

Everyone hits plateaus, but it’s important t push through those rough patches. It also helps if you reward yourself for achieving goals. This can be as simple as buying a new yoga mat or workout clothes. Enjoying the process of reaching your goals and looking back on what you have accomplished is one of the best feelings you can ever experience.

At Planet Fitness, we pride ourselves on our welcoming environment. The gym was built on the “Judgement Free Zone.” Our mission is to make sure those who have never worked out or even set foot in a gym feel comfortable and improve their well-being. Why is this important? No one should feel intimidated or think that a gym environment isn’t for them; it’s for everyone.

We are excited to open a new fitness club in San Marcos in April and grow our presence in North County. With the addition of this club, Planet Fitness will now have locations throughout the 78 Corridor, so regardless of where you live, work, or play in the community, there’s a Planet Fitness ready for you.

Pre-sale sign-ups for our San Marcos club are now available. Signing up today can get you access to all of our amenities, including state-of-the-art cardio machines and strength equipment, 30-Minute Express Circuit, Black Card Spa, equipped locker rooms with day lockers and showers, and more.

There’s never been a better time to start a new fitness plan, and the most important aspect of achieving your fitness goals is to have fun while doing it.