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Beertender Krista holds up a freshly-pulled draft beer at Viewpoint Brewing Company in Del Mar. Photo by Jeff Spanier
Beertender Krista holds up a freshly-pulled draft beer at Viewpoint Brewing Company in Del Mar. Photo by Jeff Spanier
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Del Mar’s Viewpoint Brewing a different brewhouse experience

The loved ones of craft beer enthusiasts become accustomed to long drives through industrial areas to find yet another “unique” warehouse brewery.

They are further accustomed to finding mild amusement in how a warehouse space has been converted to an entertainment venue — or at least at the attempt to do so.

And they eat their fair share of food truck fare and pretzels.

Those loved ones deserve a break. And Viewpoint Brewing Company in Del Mar is the exact reward they’ve earned. The stunning location offers exceptional food, great beer and a view that lives up to the name.

Chris and Fiona Everett enjoy food and drinks at Viewpoint brewing Company in Del Mar. Photo by Jeff Spanier
Viewpoint regulars Chris and Fiona Everett enjoy food and drinks on the patio at the Del Mar brewery. Photo by Jeff Spanier

Located on the San Dieguito River just south of the Del Mar Fairgrounds, Viewpoint also offers a rustic walking trail just outside the premises for a post-meal stroll.

There’s nothing lost for the beer lover, either. Viewpoint serves an impressive list of “eclectic house-brewed styles,” including core beers and new releases. The tried and true core beers, such as Del Martian Amber Ale, Moe’s (-aic) Pale Ale, Big Hat Blonde and Penitent Man IPA are stellar, but I always find something new to enjoy. On this visit, it was the Bohemian Raspberry Tart Wheat. A slightly tart ale made with over 450lbs of raspberries.

Regulars Chris and Fiona Everett were enjoying lunch on a warm September afternoon when I met them. “The waiters and waitresses know us by name. We eat here at least once a week,” shared Chris Everett.

“We love coming here with our family. We come here for the food, for the people, and of course for the location,” said Chris.

“I always order the fish tacos. They are my favorite,” added Fiona.

“I’ve had everything on the menu,” said Chris. “But my favorite is the Peri Peri Halibut. I love it. I try to eat it slowly because I enjoy it so much; I don’t want it to end.”

Viewpoint Brewing Company's Tinny Smasher and Bohemian Raspberry Tart Wheat Ale. Photo by Jeff Spanier
Viewpoint Brewing Company’s Tinny Smasher and Bohemian Raspberry Tart Wheat Ale. Photo by Jeff Spanier

As far as beer goes, Chris was enjoying his favorite Viewpoint beer, Dias Largos, a Mexican-style lager. Fiona had a glass of wine, another bonus for the faithful loved one of the beer enthusiasts. “It’s a great vibe here; that’s why we come back,” added Fiona.

Dean St. Martin was also spending his afternoon working at his “away from home” office, looking over the lagoon.

“The best part about Viewpoint is the impeccable service,” said St. Martin. “They work hard to make sure beers come out cold and the food is always perfect.”

Moe Katomski, head brewer at Viewpoint, said from the beginning, the brewery has wanted to pair beer and food.

“That was founder Charles Koll’s idea from the start,” Katomski said. “We make beer for the food we’re serving. For example, in the English Pale Ale (Tinny Smasher), Chef Mike Patula made a curry fry to go with it, and it was a phenomenal pairing. Our vegan Farmer’s Burger paired with something hoppy, like our Penitent Man IPA, is always good. I’ve been digging that lately. We make sure that when we have new beers, our whole team gets together and tastes them and we talk about what menu items will pair nicely. That way the wait staff knows what to recommend.”

Viewpoint's Dias Largos Mexican Lager. Photo by Jeff Spanier
Viewpoint’s Dias Largos, a Mexican-style lager. Photo by Jeff Spanier

When asked about his favorite food and beer pairing, Katomski had quite a list but landed on the ceviche tacos and the Enlitened [sic] Views lager. This light lager is a collaboration beer made with Embolden Brewing. It’s a 4% rice lager with a slight sweetness and maltiness.

On Katomski’s advice, I paired the Enlitened Views with the ceviche tacos. It was an exceptional lunch. With twenty beers on tap, Katomski ensures various new offerings complement the core beers.

“We don’t do a lot of production for outside the restaurant,” said Katomski. “That’s the fun of having a pub: We make the beer we want to make and want to drink.

Keep supporting our local breweries. But take time to enjoy San Diego’s beauty as well. And I can’t think of a better way to do that than a visit to Viewpoint Brewing Company for a great meal and a few excellent beers in a setting that will make you want to stay just a little longer.

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