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Carlsbad City Council declares Proclamations for two groups Tuesday, the Girl Scouts of America and Kids for Peace. From left, Girl Scouts Caitlin Hurst, Alex Patterson, Joelle Mason, Marissa Gideon, Jenny Case, Sheila O’Neill with troop leader, Laura Case visit council chambers. March 12, 2012 is proclaimed Girl Scout Day in Carlsbad.

Council honors organizations with Proclamations

CARLSBAD — The council chambers at the city of Carlsbad buzzed with energy as two groups, which enhance the lives of children, received some prestigious attention. On Feb. 28, Girl Scouts of the USA, celebrating its 100th anniversary, and Kids for Peace, earned Proclamations in recognition of the special work they do. All city council members were present and praised the achievements of these two organizations, which in their own unique way help guide children to become better citizens.Councilmember Mark Packard presented Girl Scout troop 1436 from Carlsbad with their Proclamation.“It’s my pleasure tonight to represent the city and the council in recognizing the Girl Scouts of America,” he said, welcoming the troop. “We are grateful to have them with us tonight.”March 12, 2012 was proclaimed as Girl Scout Day in the City of Carlsbad.

Troop leader, Laura Case, accepted the Proclamation and shared a few words.

“As a leader and a lifelong Girl Scout, I am honored to represent the 72 troops and over 600 girls who are currently registered as Girl Scouts in the city of Carlsbad and thousands nationwide,” she said. “My troop is a special troop; these girls are graduating seniors in high school and ambassadors — they are ready to go off and do everything we have taught them through their years in Girl Scouts.”

Jo Dee Jacob, chief executive officer of Girl Scouts San Diego, wasn’t in attendance, but said her heart would be with the girls.

“It’s a real honor for our troop to be selected to represent Carlsbad Girl Scouts,” said Jacob, adding how there are currently more than 50 million Girl Scout alumni. “Today’s girls are very involved in community service, and leadership is what distinguishes us as an organization to make the world a better place.”

March 6, 2012 is proclaimed Peace Pledge Day in Carlsbad. Kids for Peace students are, from back row: Maia Masamoto, Katie Meitchik, Grant Tong, Kylie Valency, (Middle) Matt Parker, Aryana Jahangir, Sofia Charvel (Front): Lanay Hazzard. Photo by Christina Macone-Greene

Next to receive recognition was Kids for Peace from Councilmember Keith Blackburn. This nonprofit is based in Carlsbad and was established in 2006. Peace Pledge Day is March 6, 2012.

“Kids for Peace provides a platform for young people to actively engage in socially conscious leadership, community service, arts, environmental stewardship and global friendship,” Blackburn said. “Kids for Peace believe that if everyone followed the Peace Pledge we would have a world of kindness, respect, unity and love; by getting the Peace Pledge into our schools, communities, and out to the world they can create the change.”

Jill McManigal, co-founder and executive director of Kids for Peace, said they believe that all kids are innately good and kind and they really support and give children opportunities to develop those qualities more.

Currently, there are over 100 chapters worldwide and about 2,000 involved in Kids for Peace. Including national chapters, others can be found around the globe such as India, Australia, Canada, Haiti, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Sweden, United Kingdom, and Mongolia.

In Carlsbad, there are roughly 100 children taking part in Kids for Peace. Its five chapters are located at McManigal’s home, three at Jefferson Elementary, and the other at Hope Elementary.

On March 3, a group from Kids for Peace is taking their “Peace Pledge” to Washington D.C.

“Everything we do is based on our Peace Pledge,” McManigal said. “Our kids came up with how to best live life so we are going to Congress and throughout Washington D.C. to share our Peace Pledge.”

More than 30 kids will be representing San Diego County while 65 other Kids for Peace children will be coming from other states to meet them in Washington D.C.

“We actually get to go on the house floor and meet with the U.S. House of Representatives and present our Peace Pledge there and will present it at a Democratic caucus meeting, Institute of Peace, a homeless shelter, and the Kenyan Embassy,” McManigal said.

The children are looking forward to sharing their message of peace.

“It’s beautiful to have the support of our city with this Proclamation and we are honored that Carlsbad is the birthplace of Kids for Peace,” McManigal said.