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Commentary: Which Encinitas candidates will address climate change?

By Judy Berlfein

“It will never be too late to act because climate change can always get worse.”

— Max Goodman, a student at Columbia University

We, Encinitans, are passionate folks.  We love our town.  How do we express that love?  It depends on who is in charge.

The biggest threat we face is climate change. The last decade has seen the greatest extremes in climate.

  • Hottest days
  • Biggest fires
  • Highest sea levels
  • Most powerful storms

How will our leaders lower those risks?

Check out the websites of the candidates in the upcoming election.  Do they have a concrete plan for addressing this enormous challenge or do they speak in generalities?  Do they focus on labels with no inherent meaning like “environmentalist” or do they focus on action – such as:

  • prioritizing renewable energy
  • prioritizing non-polluting transportation options
  • protecting our landscapers and our environment with non-polluting landscape equipment
  • implementing an award-winning climate action plan

I don’t care what party you belong to.  I am a non-partisan voter with an allegiance to one issue – protecting life on earth.  I voted for Schwarzenegger when he implemented the “million solar roof program” and I’m supporting those candidates offering a response to climate change that is commensurate with the problem – Blakespear, Hinze, Kranz, Lawson-Remer, Boerner Horvath, and most importantly, Rep. Mike Levin.

But don’t believe me. Listen to the candidate forums sponsored by the League of Women Voters and decide for yourself. (

The wise Rabbi Hillel was once asked to summarize the contents of the Torah while standing on one foot.  He replied – “What is hateful to you, do not to your neighbor.  All the rest is commentary.”

On that note – protect life on earth by stabilizing our climate.  All the rest is commentary.

Judy Berlfein