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As part of its General Plan update, the City of San Marcos is seeking public input on its land-use map. Courtesy photo
As part of its General Plan update, the City of San Marcos is seeking public input on its Land Use Map. Courtesy photo
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City of San Marcos seeks Land Use Map input for General Plan update

SAN MARCOS – The City of San Marcos is asking the public for its input regarding the city’s Land Use Map. As part of the city’s General Plan Update, fine-tuning the land-use layout aims to meet projected residential, commercial, industrial and recreational land needs throughout San Marcos.

Each city in California is required to have a general plan, which serves as a guiding document for the city’s long-term growth and development. San Marcos’ current general plan dates back to 2012.

“The General Plan addresses a range of important community topics like land use, housing, economic development, transportation, parks and recreation, community health, public safety, environmental justice, and more,” the city says on its General Plan website. “City staff, elected and appointed officials, business owners, developers, and citizens can reference the General Plan for guidance on our community’s values and priorities.”

A land-use map shows the various categories (i.e. residential, commercial, mixed use) specified in a general plan and shows the locations where various land uses are allowed.

Beth Herzog, the city’s administrative services manager, provided some examples of what a land-use map change request could look like.

“If somebody wanted to change from strictly residential to mixed-use so that they could have a commercial component as part of their property, or it could be that they are fully industrial at this point and they want to transition to mixed-use or there could be single-family homes that want to be rezoned so they can get more density,” Herzog said.

The city is currently gathering input from the public and providing property owners with an opportunity to request changes to the existing land use designations for their respective parcels using a Land Use Map change request form.

“We’re gathering all this information at this point like the public feedback and the individual requests to see how everything lines up with the frameworks and the goals for the city,” Herzog said. “From there, everything will be researched and analyzed from a technical perspective to make sure it fits with the community’s goals and policies and values.”

“Getting community engagement is a huge piece of the intent of the General Plan update in order to reflect the community’s values and goals, so public input is key to that,” Herzog continued.

Herzog added that any potential changes to land use would be presented before the San Marcos Planning Commission and City Council for any type of adoption.

The city’s Land Use Map change request forms must be submitted by Dec. 23, 2021.