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Straight Talk Solar’s mission is in the name, straight talk. Courtesy photo
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Choose renewable resources

Eddie Alberton began pursuing solar energy in 2008 while living in Maui. He opened his first solar power company which he ran successfully for nine years.

In 2011, Eddie brought his business to sunny San Diego to join his wife and begin a new journey and has been doing residential solar power ever since. Him and his team have upward 12 years of solar industry experience, with the goal of a more sustainable future.

When asked why solar energy was important in this moment, Eddie explained that aside from the pressing environmental ramifications that we face, a more personal and pressing need can be addressed as well. Solar power, according to Eddie is a “financial tool” that people should begin to recognize, rather than viewing solar power and energy as a product.

The focus of Straight Talk Solar’s mission is in the name, straight talk. According to Eddie, they are not in the business of trying to sell you a product, they are more interested in finding the right plan for your needs so you can begin saving money and avoid a fluctuating monthly bill depending on the warm or cold seasons. Especially after the collective stress and trauma of COVID-19, there is peace of mind in having a consistent monthly expenditure.

Solar energy is the right choice for anyone seeking a reduction on your required monthly spend while enjoying a better quality of life. The immediate results of switching to solar energy can be seen in better quality of life and budget ability.

The number one thing you should be searching for in solar is a company or salesperson that you believe is trustworthy.

That is where Straight Talk Solar comes in. “We are not here to sell you a particular item, we are here to analyze what your goals are, analyze your needs, and then really tell you what your options are… We’re here to listen and get the right product for you.”

Call Eddie at 858-224- 3120 or email: [email protected]. Check out our website at