Eye on the Coast

Street sign wavers survive effort to ban them

Commission seeks more input Just when Vista sign spinners thought they would be added to the outta work lines they received a temporary time out. The Planning Commission had been requested to develop language to be added to the sign law that would have eliminated the twirlers. These folks engage in great calisthenics with the […]

Shortage of race horses creating a problem

Hollypark scrubs a day Recently, Hollywood Park at Inglewood that precedes Del Mar cancelled a day of racing becuz there weren’t enough entries to fill the card. Backstretch banter is that Hollypark will be going to racing only Friday thru Sunday before the end of its season. Del Mar will run July 21 thru Sept. […]

Primary election on Tuesday … finally

Voters are bushed For at least a coppla weeks after Tuesday folks will be free of being bombarded with campaign rhetoric then it will start all over again in advance of the November election. From all indications with higher intensity. Experience and longevity in office are now liabilities and no longer assets. Ditto for party […]

Gas prices hover around $3.40 but no public outcry

Buck less in 2003 Less than a decade ago motorists were shaking their fists at station operators when petrol was inching toward $2.50 per gallon. Average price had averaged $1.85. State and national electeds were threatening to hold hearings on the matter. They went on vacation and when they returned there were other concerns. Today […]

Voters will consider 5 propositions in June 8 primary

Unlike previous elections when state props were heavily ballyhooed, none of the five on the primary ballot have caused folks to suffer from hypertension. Prop. 13 allows for earthquake safety improvements that can be made to a domicile without causing a reassessment of the property. Prop. 14 deals with primary elections wherein all candidates running […]

Senator’s bill threatens fairgrounds operations

Labor would be affected State Sen. Christine Kehoe’s Bill 1177, as proposed, would cripple year-round County Fair operations, 22nd Agricultural District President Barry Nussbaum told the board of directors at a recent meeting. Affected would be jobs at a time when there is a critical need to provide them. Kehoe’s bill would create a 100-foot-wide […]

Sea walls now a hot-button issue in C’bad

They used to be contested in Solbeach Seawalls that for years dominated Solbeach news now are the topic 14 miles up the road in C’bad, where they were recently the subject of a passion-charged Planning Commission meeting. Arguments, pro and con, were similar to those heard in Solbeach. At issue is a wall 97 feet […]

Gas tax switch gets mixed reviews

Benefits the state A gas tax swap from sales to excise recently approved by the Sacramento electeds has been described in some quarters as “bait and switch” but it won’t affect consumers at the pump they have been assured. The 6 percent sales tax per gallon has been axed but the excise tax has been […]

Methodology differs in determining water rates

SDWD customers pay less Question in a recent column asked why water rates differed between customers in the San Dieguito and Olivenhain water districts. According to Larry Watt, general manager of SDWD, “they are about the same.” Average users of 15 units of water with a three-quarter-inch meter are charged $61.51 compared with $62.45 by […]

City’s five-time mayor’s bench replaced

Original lost A long time ago, a half-century or so, Village activist Tom Pearson, the only five-term mayor, placed a bench at the corner of Luneta and 15th streets for residents to rest when coming down the hill. Some time ago it disappeared so the mayor was frequently on Senior Planner Adam Birnbaum’s case to […]