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Does the Flower Capital need a visitor center?

Worth a study
San Diego East Visitors Bureau has cast its lot with San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau because of its advantages for calling attention to the many attractions in the East County. It raises the question whether the Flower Capital should expand its relation with San Diego North Convention & Visitors Bureau. It has a complete staff of professional folks in marketing, sales and media relations. The Flower Capital could save a bundle of taxpayers’ cash. With budget deliberations coming up soon, such an idea is worth a looksee. Local fire departments are now united and early reports are significant lucre is being saved.
Surfside City Olympic medal winner?
Rachael Platt, 17, who lists the Surfside City as her home but is now living in Colorado Springs where she is a straight-A student at Cheyenne Mountain High, is ranked as a leading medal contender in figure skating at next month’s Winter Olympics in Vancouver. The comely skater currently is U. S. Champion in that class.
High marks for C’bad
A public opinion survey recently released indicates C’bad residents are generally satisfied with services for police, fire, library and growth management. A recent related report noted that crime, except for violent incidents, was down 15 percent, the lowest since 2001. With budget deliberations ongoing throughout the state it is one of the few cities that is not on the shorts financially.
Door-to-door peddlers
Community Connections in the Surfside City notes that door-to-door magazine sellers are showing up in some areas peddling magazine subscriptions and in lieu of that are asking for cash donations for the military or a school project. They are said to be pushy and rude. Best to just say “no” and shut the door.
Salaries keep going up
San Diego Association of Governments Executive Director Gary Gallegos is one of the folks in the high echelons to receive a pay increase while other folks are taking a pay cut or enduring mandatory furloughs. Gallegos will receive 10 grand more each year for five years. He currently receives $240 grand. In L.A. the pay for the like position is $229,000 and in San Fran it’s $210,000. Not to worry, SANDAG has a $1.1 bil. budget of mostly taxpayers’ dough. It has been reported he might go elsewhere. Good idea?
Another recall effort?
Some Vistans will soon be out collecting in the neighborhood of 9,600 names of registered voters on petitions to recall three members of the school board of trustees. If they are successful, pro and con mud slinging will get underway and an election will occur in November.
Polytrack stays
Santa Anita now running through April 17 has announced it will rip out the synthetic track after the meet and return to a dirt surface. Drainage problems that caused cancellation of some racing days is the reason given for the action. At first, Santa Anita installed a Cushion brand surface and when that didn’t work it put in Pro Ride. Cost for the effort was in the neighborhood of $50 mil. give or take a few mil. At Del Mar, chief exec Joe Harper says he is satisfied with a Polytrack surface, believes it is safer for horses and jocks, and it stays. Major tracks in the state were mandated by the California Horse Racing Board to switch to synthetic surface in order to qualify for dates. They invested millions of bux (Del Mar $15 mil.) to make the changeover.
Broke again
According to State Controller John Chiang, the cash till will be empty by April 1 and that’s no April Fool’s Day joke. The state will be in the tank by $l97 mil. The probable solution? IOUs like those issued last year. However, some money institutions aren’t accepting them anymore.
Kiwanis project hits 10K
O’side Pacific Kiwanis Club reached a significant milestone when it registered its 10,000th second-grader in its child photo and finger print ID project that it started in 1970 on a small scale. Now it uses a digital database. A great community public service project now in its 40th year. Kudos to present and past members.
Tobacco restraints award
Solbeach has received a B (best in the area) by the American Lung Association for its efforts in tobacco use suppression. The panel that did the grading was tougher than a schoolteacher past retirement. Most other cities received Cs or worse.
The half-dozen hotels and motels in Surfside City are inching toward forming a visitor assessment district with funds collected going to visitor promotion … Escondido is looking to slash $4 mil. in operating costs that will affect all departments … Former Surfside City educator popular Gary Wilson is now supervisor at San Pasqual Union School District … An exhibition of painting and silk scarves created by Tina Christiansen is on display at Solbeach City Hall gallery until Feb. 14 … Community Gardens Council of San Diego will have its first meeting Feb. 20 at 5555 Overland Drive, Bldg. 4, starting at 2 p.m. … Lux Art Institute on El Camino Real in the Flower Capital will have open house with music Feb. 17 at 7 p.m. … Supe Pam Slater Price chair of the County Board of Supes will be dishing out 50 thousand bux in cash to community organizations from her share of Reinvestment Funds previously referred to as community grants … Francine Busby, 50th Congressional District candidate, was selected from eight other highly qualified aspirants seeking a short-term seat on the Cardiff-by-the Sea School District … Is the Surfside City satellite wagering facility exiting?

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