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Why not license bikes for streets & highways?

Bike numbers grow daily
How come the Governator hasn’t decided to levy a tax on bikes that are used on highways and byways in increasing numbers? It would certainly benefit the state’s cash-poor till. Bike riders enjoy benefits not available to car operators like buzzing past stop signs without stopping and turning without signaling.
The Governator sez the state needs capital to maintain roads. Bicyclists who use ‘em should be anxious to contribute their share for at least putting in bike lanes. This could develop a good piece of change for roads before the state electeds found a way to squander it for other things. Decades ago the Harbor City issued mini license plates for a small fee administered by the police department. The Governator need not worry about his approval rating. It was already in the tank at 27 percent last month.
Smart meters
Most areas, if not all in these parts served by the gas & electric company, have been equipped with smart meters that are reported to save energy and dough. These allow for two-way communication between the consumer and the company and record energy use daily. This info is relayed to the computer data center for operations, billing and customer service and power outages can be detected immediately. Pretty smart meters.
Fairgrounds EIR deadline extended
To accommodate folks who were busy with holiday responsibilities and not able to complete commenting in writing on the fairgrounds’ EIR for proposed improvements, management has extended the comment deadline to Feb. 8. Not likely there will be another extension since there are no other distractions before then.
State of Colorado clips
minimum wage

Associated Press has reported the state of Colorado is the first in the country to reduce its minimum wage a wee bit from $7.28 to $7.25 in keeping with the federal minimum. Meanwhile, Alaska has raised its minimum wage by 50 cents to $7.75.
Community Center fundraiser
What was once a Camp Callan military barracks used by artillery service personnel and is now a much-used activity center is the object of an enthusiastic fund campaign by Fletcher Cove Community Center. Money raised is earmarked for improvements, which include bringing the facility up to required Americans With Disabilities Act standards, making the building energy efficient
and upgrading structural deficiencies and design.
Standard operating procedure?
In a recent commentary in The Coast News, Cardiffian Mark McNaughton wrote that he was disappointed with the treatment he received from the Flower Capital’s traffic department. A Summit Avenue taxpayer sez he wrote to the traffic engineer last June regarding a possible stop sign at the end of his street and never received the courtesy of a reply. This would indicate the traffic department lacks procedures for acknowledging taxpayers’ concerns or has received so many
communications on various traffic issues
that it is running behind with its correspondence.
Business showcase
Solbeach Chamber Executive Director Frida Silveira notes that area chambers are actively involved in promoting the San Diego Business Showcase Expo scheduled March 11 at the fairgrounds. She has all the skinny for participating on [email protected].
Ashley Falls School stays
The possibility of closing Del Mar School District’s Ashley Falls School resulted in a flurry among concerned parents and prompted a review committee to scrub the idea. The board of trustees appointed committee has devoted months of study and held public meetings on the issue as well as where to locate its admin building currently at Ninth Street in old Del Mar.
State laws
If you thought your state electeds weren’t looking out for you between junkets consider they passed or adjusted in the neighborhood of 700 laws. However, this was not a record. In 1984 they enacted or adjusted 1,760 laws. Among the new regs is one that allows 17-year-old teenagers to preregister to vote so they will be ready when they are 18.
Another one requires pet stores to implement methods for killing rodents before they are used as food for another animal. It duzn’t require they be read their Miranda rights. March 31 has been decreed as Welcome Home Vietnam Vets Day and May 22 is now Harvey Milk Day in commemoration of the gay rights leader’s birthday.
Charter government on ballot
While it probably won’t ignite the firestorm that O’side’s recall vote did, a proposal to make it a charter city will be a hot button issue. Any ballot item in O’side is. It has been voted on before without success.
Since then San Marcos and Vista have become charter cities and the latter reports it has saved lotta moola. In some cases
charter cities are exempt from
paying the state prevailing wage but not the federal scale.
Good question
Three-year-old AlexAnn Souders asks why you say last night but you say yesterday rather than last day.
Supervisors’ term limits
Down south, the board of supervisors face a vote on term limits in June. Signature collectors gathered more than the 120,000 needed. Effort was spearheaded by a
coalition of unions and interested organizations.
A federal court of appeals has ruled that a Coronado cop used a Taser excessively when he shot an unarmed, noncombative motorist in 2005 … The county’s population of more than 3.2 mil. as of July 1 was up 38,976 (1.2 percent) compared with the state total of 38,487,889, an anemic growth of 0.93 percent … It will cost less to watch the Padres at Petco Park this season with parking, food and beer costing less under certain conditions … Three ladies who were involved in the nationally publicized Cardiff political fundraiser tiff last summer have sued the county and a deputy sheriff for violation of their civil rights during a response to a noise compliant.

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