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Historic Hall house a bone of contention

To destroy or not?
During a recent Flower Capital council meeting, direction to staff was to clear the Hall property in preparation for a sports park. Several longtime residents pleaded with the electeds to spare the historic Hall house for eventual use by community folks. Unmoved, the council majority accused speakers of being NIMBYS attempting to delay the demolition process. The record shows that in October 2008, then-Councilman Dan Dalager, with support from Mayor Jerome Stocks and Councilman Jim Bond, pushed through a motion to exclude the house from demolition. Why did staff now ignore this approved action when it brought forth a proposal to eliminate the house? Lotsa folks are askin! Is this the Encinitas way?
Pension payouts concern C’bad
City electeds are taking a hard looksee at what it will cost to sustain pension payouts within the next decade. Recent independent audit indicated the well-heeled city could find itself having to dig deeply into rainy day reserves. In the Harbor City it’s already a critical problem where it’s in hock for millions of bucks. Lotta services will have to be sacrificed. Estimate is pension system payment is $21 mil. more just this year than early projections.
Not interested
Harbor City Councilwoman Donna Frye, who will be termed out at the end of the year, has opted not to run against Supe Ron Roberts for a seat on the Board of Supervisors. She was considered to be a formidable candidate against the four-term supe. Sez she’ll remain active, which could mean as a candidate for a state or congressional post?
Solbeach alert
Residents in Solbeach have reported a rash of car burgs in the Mil Cumbres area. Car windows have been smashed to gain admission. Cash, credit cards, garage door openers, golf clubs and electronic stuff are among the items swiped.
Half a century
Tulie Trejo of Chula Vista has been competing in the County Fair’s home arts department for more than 50 years and sez she will again this year when the theme will be Taste the Fun. She has amassed a passel of rosettes, ribbons and trophies. Never knows what she will enter and makes up her mind just before deadline. Fair dates are June 11 thru July 5.
Make-believe grass
Fallbrook Community Center has yanked out all of its green grass and replaced it with artificial turf. Staffers say it may not save a lotta gedes to make the change but it will save plenty of water that can best be used for thirsty citrus and avocados.
Brown Act suit
Although it didn’t accept blame, Tri-City Medical Center paid $300 grand for allegedly violating the Brown Act in a lawsuit levied by former execs. Four board members are alleged to have met behind closed doors in the dark of night to terminate employment of some staffers. The Brown Act is an open meetings statute.
Part-time legislature
With state electeds’ approval rating hovering in the low 20s and sinking, a group called Citizens for California Reform is seeking 694,354 signatures of registered voters to place an initiative on the November ballot that will return the legislature to part-time status. In 1966, voters made it full-time but the feeling now is they have too much time to run for re-election at taxpayer’s expense and waste on worthless projects which cost tax $$$$.
Deserve higher pay?
Harbor City salary setting commish appointed by the council opines council electeds are underpaid becuz they receive a lesser stipend than some full-time employees with lesser responsibilities. How come then that electeds spend thousands of $$$ when they run for office knowing what the pay schedule is and then spend another bundle to get re-elected? They want to serve the public until they are termed out. Then many, but not all, wind up as lobbyists or in a plush job as the result of a connection they made while in office. A lotta of them run for higher office where the pay is also lousy but the perks aren’t bad.
Water rates vary widely
Flower Capital residents are either served by Olivenhain Water District or San Dieguito Water District. The latter is a department of the city and is controlled by the council. Recently, both agencies enacted rate increases. Olivenhain’s was 4 percent and San Dieguito averaged l3.5 percent. Cost of water was the bottom line. How come there’s such a difference in the amount taxpayers are paying?
Friends of fair
Recent state legislation authorized district fairs, of which Del Mar is one, to form a Friends of Fair Committee, a nonprofit corporation. The Surfside fair has taken the initial step by organizing a board of directors. It includes former Fire Chief Jack Gosney, who retired after 33 years of service in the Surfside City; Tom Liegler, who is a public services administrator and who served on the formation of the San Diego Convention Center; and Bob Vice, a former longtime fair director and president of the county and state farm bureaus. Also on the board is Lisa Barkett, former fair director and for many years active with Old Globe Theatre, National Charity League and others. According to General Manager Tim Fennell, their first task will be to oversee the bingo operation in Surfside Race Place that is expected to become operational later this year.
According to recent polls, the $11 bil. water bond that is loaded with $2 bil. in pork lacks plenty of voter support … Undergrounding of utilities in some Surfside City areas to be voted next month is drawing lottsa pro and con heat … Internal auditor for San Diego County Employees Retirement Association William Betts has announced he will oppose Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister who is under fire for department hang-ups … Charlene Komosinski has retired after 21 years with Del Mar Union School District … Congrats to San Elijo JPA for being named Small Plant of the Year and Safety Program of the Year by San Diego Section, Cal Water Environment Association … Two snake bites, one serious, have been recorded in the county … Rancho broker Linda Lee has been named Realtor of the Year by San Diego Assn. of Realtors.
Hasta la Vista