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From left: Scott Runner, Carlsbad City Council Member Mark Packard, Carlsbad Education Foundation CEO Michelle Ginn, LEGOLAND Education Manager Lynn Crockett, longtime Carlsbad resident Carlton Lund, and Carlsbad City Council Member Cori Schumacher celebrate the Carlsbad sign. Photo by Adam Sullivan
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Carlsbad sign immortalized in LEGO

CARLSBAD — On the afternoon of April 29, the city of Carlsbad joined an elite list that includes the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge and Darth Vader.

It was given “The LEGO Treatment.”

LEGOLAND Senior Media Relations Manager Julie Estrada said that the sign came

about as a way to celebrate Carlsbad Day, as well as benefit the Carlsbad Educational

Foundation. “Our goal was to create an experience ticket that Carlsbad residents couldn’t

get anywhere else,” she said. “Invite them to enjoy musical performances from the

talented students of Carlsbad, and encourage them to celebrate our Carlsbad community.”

At the unveiling, Carlton Lund, a Carlsbad resident since 1972, presented the Carlsbad Education Foundation with a check for $20,000. “What’s neat is for me is it’s a personal thing,” Lund said. “From the start of the journey and seeing it become a part of the park. The immortality of having the Carlsbad sign [LEGO’ed] — it’s special for the kids, and special for the parents.” Lund said he feels that the mainstream exposure gained from the new LEGO sign will also benefit local businesses.

For some, fame isn’t fame until it’s LEGO fame. And a lot of work goes into the design of structures both big and small. “The new LEGO Carlsbad sign contains nearly 5,000 LEGO elements,” Estrada said. “That may sound like a lot, but consider this: There are more than 30,000 LEGO models in the park created from more than 62 million LEGO bricks.” The park’s models range in scope from a 2-million-piece brontosaurus, to a four-piece rabbit.

The LEGO Carlsbad sign’s permanent location is still being determined. “We’ll be exploring our options for the new sign after the unveiling,” Estrada said.


CarlsGOOD May 3, 2017 at 11:01 am

That’s a license plate scanner she’s holding.

Don May 2, 2017 at 7:41 pm

Why does Lund have his arm around Cori?

Christine May 2, 2017 at 1:49 pm

This is so bizarre. Why is it a smirking cop and a sad/scared looking tourist with a gigantic camera? (standing next to a pile of gray Legos. Or is that a dog?) Just weird and does not represent Carlsbad residents. It represents an overemphasis on law and order and tourism dollars.

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