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Carlsbad approves participation in CCA study

CARLSBAD — The Carlsbad City Council voted 5-0 on July 11 to approve participation in a joint technical study that would assess the feasibility of a community choice aggregate (CCA) in Carlsbad and partnering cities.

CCA, also called community choice energy, is the process in which a jurisdiction such as a county or a city forms an agency that buys power on the open market, choosing the source of the power based on the community’s choice.

The energy would still be delivered on SDG&E infrastructure, but the agency would control where it receives the energy.

In addition to Carlsbad, the North County cities of Encinitas, Del Mar and Oceanside have discussed forming a nonprofit electricity provider alternative to San Diego Gas & Electric.

Carlsbad joins Del Mar and Encinitas in joining the study.

Oceanside voted last year to support the technical study in practice but wants to know the cost of the study before allocating funds.

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Don July 14, 2017 at 6:52 pm

Suggestion for a new source of wind power…put turbines in front of Hall and Packard. They are both nothing but huge windbags anyway. At least this way we might get something out of them other than the nonsense that they spew at every meeting.

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