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Quantifiable results from your body scan are accessible thru the Smart Fit Method’s free smart phone app. The app allows users to track progress, stay motivated and engaged, as well as schedule the 30-minute workouts. Courtesy photo
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Cardiff’s new ‘Smart Fit Method’ revolutionizes fitness industry

NORTH COUNTY — Cardiff’s new “Smart Fit Method” is a revolutionary new fitness concept geared toward individual growth and personalized workouts. Clients of all ages and fitness levels get the best stimulus in the minimum effective time to create a maximum response in the body, all while avoiding injury. Unlike the big box gyms, the Smart Fit Method employs data science and sports science, along with the best AI-driven equipment — all monitored by certified personal trainers focused on getting you results.

“I’m a member of several gyms, I eat right, and didn’t think this would be much different at first,” says Encinitas resident Susan Otto. “Boy was I wrong. I lost over 2 inches off my waist after just 4 weeks on the Smart Fit Method and cancelled my other gym membership. Also, as a busy person, I love that it takes just 3 short workouts a week and I can see my progress through the detailed body scans.”

The real-time feedback is game-changing and allows you to compete with yourself week over week. These machines increase the true time the muscles are under tension, which makes the workout much more efficient and ideal for the busy individual or harried business executive. The goal here is to add to your healthy lifespan by creating the best “you” possible, based on your own genetic potential.

“Judging yourself against a person on the cover of a magazine is not reasonable — they are usually 17 variants from the mean,” says Rob Darnbrough. Rob is the founder of the Cardiff gym which opened in June, alongside his son, Connor. “Rather than compare you to others, the SFM focuses on establishing an individual baseline, and then on how to make progress in all areas.”

The Smart Fit Method isn’t just about weight loss, but more about increasing lean muscle mass, bone density and cardiovascular strength while avoiding inflammation. “We lose 5 pounds of lean muscle mass each decade over the age of 25, as well as 10% of our cardio-capability,” Darnbrough says. “At the same time in our lives we tend to get more busy and have less time to work out. We know muscle burns 3-4x more calories than fat, so we focus on efficient workouts and recovery to build your lean muscle mass.”

Smart Cold HIIT (high-intensity interval training), the centerpiece of the Smart Fit Method, packs a two-hour workout into a single 20-minute session utilizing compression technology, cooling, and interval training to create the best efficiency and hormone response. Thanks to its low-impact nature and “bio-hacking” technology, this machine will decrease the wear and tear on the body that naturally comes with exercise.

The Smart RE-HIIT machine uses AI technology to prescribe the perfect resistance while you perform two 20-second max sprints, prefaced with a warm-up, then ending with a recovery and cool-down period.  This ride takes only 8 minutes and 40 seconds and provides the benefits of a 45-minute run.

Smart Big 3 and Smart Big 5 use motorized resistance to achieve a perfect muscular time under tension, while performing a total body workout.

Lastly, the Smart Body Scan monitors the changes in an individual’s body and tracks their progress throughout the course. You can access the body scans through their free mobile app and get detailed insights in to your body’s changing composition. “People generally over-train and under-eat, or over-eat and under-train,” Darnbrough says. “The Smart Fit Method acknowledges the failure of other fitness models and provides a method to maximize results.”

He adds that a big-box gyms work on a model that 80% of clients will not use the gym. “Let’s say their fee is $50/month,” Darnbrough says. “So you give them $600 for a year, and you have a 20% chance of success. You can come in here and join us on a six-week challenge, work out with us three times a week and we will provide you with access to one of the best nutritionists in the country – a Harvard grad with two MBAs in nutrition. We’ll give you three body scans to track your progress, and give you access to the best stimulus you can get your hands on.”

For that same $600, Smart Fit Method is confident you will lose 3.5% body fat while gaining lean muscle within that six-week period.

If you succeed — and Darnbrough says 80% do — the gym will refund $600 back toward your Smart Fit Membership, which starts at just $89 a week. This “6-week challenge” is available through the month of August only.

Darnbrough said his own health concerns led to the development of Smart Fit Method. “Smart Fit started when I was a competitive cyclist as well as a successful entrepreneur,” he says. “I was your typical A-type personality who worked a lot, but at 49 I was told I have a aneurysm in my aorta caused by overtraining.”

That sent Darnbrough on a path toward better fitness – and overall health. “I remember asking a friend why he looked so good, and he said, ‘I’m using this machine that NASA developed. I’ve lost nine pounds of fat, gained six pounds of muscle and I’ve taken my testosterone from 380 to 690.’ My friend was 72 at the time, so I said, ‘Wow. How many times a week are you exercising?’ He said ‘three times a week, 21 minutes each time.”

Connor Darnbrough adds, “A lot of people have been hurting after this pandemic, and I really want to use the opportunity that I am blessed with to create a brighter future for all of us. I believe that with the Smart Fit Method we can do just that. We are going to revolutionize the fitness industry. ”


Now through Aug. 22

Smart Fit Method is offering a free workout and body scan valued at $150.

To schedule your scan, call (442) 320-7042 or email [email protected]

The Smart Fit Method is located at 111 Chesterfield Dr #117 in Cardiff

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