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Burglaries on the rise in Ranch

RANCHO SANTA FE — Lock your doors and turn on your alarms when leaving your home because there have been seven burglaries in the Covenant since the first of the year, said Matt Wellhouser, chief of the Rancho Santa Fe Patrol.
Wellhouser said all of the burglaries are occurring during the daytime hours and entry into the homes has been without force in most cases. It appears that the suspects are most likely approaching the house and knocking on the door. If someone does answer they maybe will ask for work or some other ruse. When no one answers, they proceed to look for a location to gain entry.
“We urge everyone to lock their homes when they leave, turn on alarm systems and report people coming to the door looking for work that seem suspicious,” Wellhouser said.
The burglaries have occurred at:

  • 5400 Los Mirlitos on Feb. 16
  • 16800 Los Morros on Feb. 11
  • 6200 San Elijo on Feb. 8
  • 6100 Lago Lindo on Feb. 1
  • 6800 El Camino Del Norte on Jan. 24
  • Vehicle burglary at 16400 La Via Feliz on Jan. 17
  • 5800 San Elijo on Jan. 8

To report suspicious people or activity, call the patrol at (858) 759-8588, ext. 104.
For more information, visit www.rsfpatrol.blogspot. com or www.rsfassociation .org.