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Base puts down final rules on banned dog breeds

CAMP PENDLETON — Camp Pendleton announced final implementation procedures for banned dog breeds, after receiving approval of a request to extend the waiver period originally mandated by Headquarters Marine Corps.
Marine Corps Order P11000.22 Ch 6, released in August, mandated all installations ban any breed of pit bull, Rottweiler or wolf hybrid dog from residing on base. It also prevented visitors from bringing banned breeds on base.
“We are implementing this breed ban because it’s a Marine Corps directed action,” said Joe A. Grabman, assistant services officer, Support Services Division, Provost Marshal’s Office, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. “But Camp Pendleton actively encourages people to have and own pets in base housing.”
Prohibited pets registered with Camp Pendleton’s Domestic Animal Control facility prior to Aug. 11 may be eligible for a waiver to extend their stay until Sept. 30, 2012. Pendleton pet owners seeking a waiver must certify their animal with a nationally recognized temperament test before being eligible.
“The Marine Corps Order’s original deadline gave residents only 60 days to complete breed testing and approval,” said Grabman. “But Camp Pendleton went through a pretty extensive review and waiver process to get that date pushed out until April of 2010 to ensure residents have adequate time to meet all the requirements.”
Residents have until April 1, 2010 to submit for a waiver of prohibited pets or must permanently remove them from the base. Approved pets will be required to wear a breed-ban license tag on their collar. Disapproved pets owners will be required to remove the animal from base within seven days or relinquish it to Camp Pendleton’s Domestic Animal Control.
Prohibited pets include any animal with a combination of banned-breed ancestry totaling at least 50 percent. Pendleton’s Domestic Animal Control will require majority breed determinations for animals in question at the owner’s expense.
Recent changes to the base’s pet policy also require microchip implants for all dogs and cats residing on base. The microchip will allow Camp Pendleton authorities to better enforce and track pet registration and renewal, and facilitates the return of stray animals to their families.
For additional information, contact Camp Pendleton’s Domestic Animal Control Facility in building 25132 at (760) 725-8120.