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Ballots set for Del Mar, Solana Beach

REGION — The Aug. 17 filing deadline has come and gone, and the City Council races in Del Mar and Solana Beach are set, with six candidates vying for three available seats in both cities.

With one exception — 2012 in Solana Beach — it’s the first time in a decade that there have been more candidates than vacant positions in either jurisdiction.

In Del Mar, the county’s smallest city, Mayor Sherryl Parks and Councilman Al Corti are both seeking a second term.

Also vying for a seat on the dais are Jim Benedict, David Druker, Ellie Haviland and T. Pat Stubbs.

Benedict is a member of the city’s Finance Committee. Druker is a former city councilman who was mayor three times.

Haviland serves on the Planning Commission, and Stubbs is a member of the Del Mar Foundation. All have been certified by the country registrar of voters.

Barry Entous and Greg Rothnem took out nomination papers to run but did not file. Karen Powell withdrew.

Don Mosier chose not to seek re-election after eight years on the council.

It is the first time since 2006 that there have been more candidates than seats available, although in 2010 a candidate withdrew after the filing deadline but before the election.

The Solana Beach election was looking to be robust at first, but only six of the 13 people who pulled papers returned them.

Mayor Dave Zito, the only incumbent seeking re-election, is vying for a second term. Lesa Heebner and Peter Zahn chose not to run.

Jewel Edson, Judy Hegenauer, Chris Hohn, Ed Siegel and Cynthia Walsh will also be on the ballot.

Edson has served on the city’s View Assessment Commission since 2011. Hegenauer is a member of the recently formed Climate Action Commission.

Hohn has been on Parks and Recreation since 2013. Siegel is a psychiatrist, author and founder of the sing-along, the city’s longest ongoing community event, which just entered its 30th year.

Walsh was a real estate agent before leaving the workforce to raise her children and spent many years as a parent volunteer in their schools.

She currently donates her time to other charitable organizations.

Matthew Barker-Benfield, Mary Kay Bier, Michael Dunford, Daniel Powell, Roman Skripkus and Matt Weaver pulled papers.

Dunford, Powell, Skripkus and Weaver later indicated they did not intend to file. The others did not return the forms.

All six candidates have been qualified by the registrar of voters for the Nov. 8 ballot.

It is the second time since 2006 that there have been more candidates than available seats in the county’s second smallest city.

In 2014 both cities opted to save money by canceling the local elections and appointing the council members.

Del Mar and Solana Beach are the only two cities in the county that appoint rather than elect their mayor on an annual rotating basis.

Del Mar incumbent Terry Sinnott is next in line to serve his second term in that position. Zahn was slated to take over the gavel in Solana Beach.

Because Zahn did not seek re-election, Mike Nichols is expected to be appointed to his third term as mayor but that decision must be approved by a council majority.


Lane Sharman September 25, 2016 at 11:28 am

Judy, Jewel and Dave support choice – energy choice leading to competition and a better product today and tomorrow.

It’s important to consider candidates who understand economics AND the environment.

As voters, it’s our turn to say who we want to represent our views and to protect our future. The earth is round, global warming is real, and the oceans are rising. We all have to do our part to make the earth livable for future generations … and, that includes all of life.

Jewel Edson August 27, 2016 at 7:44 am

Please note: Solana Beach City Council candidate Jewel Edson has served on the City of Solana Beach View Assessment Commission for 11 years (not since 2011).
Edson, also served on the Board of Directors of Solana Beach Chamber of Commerce and represents Solana Beach on the San Diego County, District 3, Community Enhancement Grant Review Panel
Thank you

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