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Association moves forward in line striping for Village parking spots

RANCHO SANTA FE — In response to the San Diego County Board of Supervisor’s recent approval for 22 new angled parking spots in the Village, Association staff took steps in the next process for line striping.

According to Rancho Santa Fe Association interim building commissioner Tom Farrar, a line striping proposal was received from Rick Engineering and was an item in the March monthly board meeting.

Farrar explained to the board that after nearly two years of planning, these 22 spaces would offer additional parking spaces for customers in the Village.

Following Farrar’s brief presentation, RSF Association board members approved the $7,900 proposal from Rick Engineering.

Farrar shared with the board that part of the County approval is the requirement of a striping plan.

“The proposal from Rick Engineering that’s before you today will authorize that striping plan. The striping plan is something that is created,” said Farrar, noting how it was an implementation document.

Once the plans are given to the County, Farrar said, the County then uses those plans when they do the striping.

“They (County) will use that as the document to implement the changes in the Village, so staff is recommending support of that and forwards it to the Board at this time,” Farrar said.

The board unanimously approved the proposal. They also wanted to know the timeframe of creating this document.

Farrar said that Rick’s Engineering determined it will take roughly three to four weeks. Farrar also noted that the price for the proposal was negotiated down to get the best price for the Association.