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An open letter to Encinitas Postmaster

Dear Encinitas Postmaster:

The Encinitas Gardenview Post Office has been doing a great job trying to accommodate the increased volume of shipping during the holiday season. I really appreciate the extended hours, even Sunday morning, and the efficient and courteous service by all the personnel.

What I can’t understand is the continued absence of outdoor drive-up mailboxes and the recent practice of locking the boxes evenings and weekends.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the boxes fill up and create a traffic jam of people who can’t cram their holiday cards into the boxes and have no easy or safe way to turn around and get into the parking lot to walk in and leave their letters.

I was told that the three boxes that were removed just before mail voting started were taken away due to low volume of usage. Clearly that is not the case anymore, if it ever was.

Can you please replace those boxes and leave them open for use after hours? Perhaps a video camera system and lighting could deter mail theft without inconveniencing all the customers who are currently frustrated by the situation.

Again, thank you for the excellent in person service. Please extend it to those who choose not to get out of their cars and expose themselves to crowds of people during the pandemic.

Lisa R. Shaffer