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Construction crews grade land to prep for a 69-home development between Saxony Road and Quail Gardens Drive. There’s currently no timeline for when the homes will be complete and go on the market. Photo by Jared Whitlock

69-home project moving forward

ENCINITAS — A Shea Homes development that includes 69 houses broke ground several months ago. 

The homes are going on a 72-lot subdivision between Saxony Road and Quail Gardens Drive, just north of Ecke Ranch.

Of the homes, 28 will be constructed near the corner of Saxony Road and Puebla Street. And the remaining 41 homes, just east, will be accessed via Quail Gardens Drive, according to Roy Sapau’u, a senior planner with the city of Encinitas.

The development will also have a walkable trail connecting Saxony Road to Quail Gardens Drive.

The Bahlmans, a family that’s operated greenhouses on Saxony Road for six decades, previously owned the land.

With the exception of three lots in the subdivision, the Bahlmans sold the land to Shea Homes in 2011.

Using “density bonus” state laws, the project was allowed to put in extra homes on the subdivision since they agreed to set aside houses for low-income residents.

In this case, the developers were afforded 10 additional homes. However, all of the houses will be sold at market rate.

That’s because Shea Homes transferred the 10 low-income units from the 69-home development, as well as three other projects, to the Iris Apartments on Vulcan Avenue, which opened about six months ago.

Developers can move earned density bonus homes to another building site in some circumstances, Sapau’u said.

The project has obtained its grading permits. It’s currently in design review — a process going over the aesthetics of homes.

The homes will vary from 2,000 to 4,000 square feet. There are six different floor plans, two of which are designed for single-story homes, and four are for two-story homes, according to John Vance, the project developer.

Presently, Vance said there’s no concrete timeline for when construction will be finished and when the homes will go on the market. However, he noted five model homes will likely debut next spring.

It’s expected Shea Homes will release more information about the project on its website next month.

Those who want continuing updates on the development can call (866) 696-7432 to be placed on an interest list.


Joe July 7, 2013 at 9:14 am

Pathetic. The city approved lowering property values in one area w section 8 welfare housing over another.

This is reason to dump gaspar and Muir next election.

Bogus Bonus July 5, 2013 at 8:46 pm

Ah, so Shea Homes gets a density bonus to build an extra 10 homes to set aside some units to be affordable, yet all houses will be offered at market rates because they transferred the affordable units to some already existing apartment units.

Hum, sounds like some up-zoning cooking a la sauce Shea!

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