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You look radiant! What’s your secret?

Every woman strives to look as good as she feels. However, sometimes the race against time can get the best of us. No matter how well you take care of your skin, factors such as age and sun exposure can cause serious damage to your skin in the form of wrinkles, age spots, large pores, and poor texture. This unsightly damage can make you look older than your years and leave you short of looking your best. Thankfully, there is an amazing new technology that can take up to 10 years off the way you look, leaving you with radiant new skin you are sure to love.
The Mixto Micro Fractional CO2 laser is a revolutionary new treatment for skin rejuvenation that makes it possible for you to have healthy, younger looking skin with minimal post-treatment downtime.
Fractional means that only a fraction of the skin surface is exposed to the laser beam, leaving untreated skin around each treated micro spot.
This promotes fast natural healing and a short recovery time. The laser beam actually expands underneath the skin’s surface to stimulate new collagen production across the entire area.
A single laser treatment can show significant improvement in skin texture and color, while softening wrinkles and smoothing the surface of your skin. The final result is more natural than a facelift, with less downtime, and no scars. The best part is that your results will keep getting better as more collagen is produced, and these results can last up to five years.
Christine from San Diego tried this new laser procedure and she has never felt more confident about her appearance.
“The fractional CO2 laser not only erased my brown spots, uneven skin tone, and wrinkles, it also significantly improved the tightness and texture of my skin,” she said. “The treatment took years of sun damage off my face, allowing me to go without makeup and look more youthful with an even skin tone. It also smoothed out the texture, firmed and tightened the loose, wrinkly areas under my eyes, and even minimized my crow’s feet!”
This FDA-approved procedure can smooth your skin, erase age spots, shrink pores, and give you a more youthful appearance. The before and after photographs clearly speak for themselves.
For more information on Mixto Micro Fractional CO2 laser treatments, you can contact Just Skin at (760) 942-2991 or visit them online at