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Get fit with Kristen’s Bikini Blast Workout

Getting in shape for the summer time fun while sporting a bikini is no easy feat, especially with balancing two jobs, being a single mom, and enjoying socializing over food and drinks. And when you throw in gaining 10 pounds over the past four months due to job and relationship stress, it becomes even more challenging.
When life gets hectic and the weight creeps on, I take the following steps to take the weight off and keep from making too many bad decisions.
Oddly, it seems twice as easy to fall out of shape as it is to get in shape. So, the first thing I do is get back into recording the food I eat. You see, I am a stress eater, which can lead to mindless snacking while procrastinating or contemplating big decisions.
My favourite application for recording my daily food intake on my iPhone is LoseIt! By recording my food intake, I can see what percentage of protein, fat, and carbs I am getting.
And I can quickly correct poor food choices by re-establishing my diet rules: three apples a day, at least one big salad, to eat every few hours to keep blood sugar levels constant, lay off alcohol during the work week, and to increase water intake to 90 to 120 ounces a day.
I have a pretty severe sweet tooth. Thankfully, Promax bars put my sweet tooth to rest rather quickly. Once, my diet is in check as far as food choices go, I try to keep my caloric intake between 1,800 and 2,200 a day.
When the weight creeps on, in addition to recording my food intake, I step my workouts up. I push myself a little harder, add heavier weights, and try to create a schedule. I add in outside play dates and dog walks.
When my daughter and my dog get more physical exercise, it usually means that I do too, as I don’t take to sitting on the sidelines well. My motivation to keep myself in check is that I love feeling my body respond positively to how I take care of it. Here is the workout that I do that never fails to get those extra pounds off and rekindle my body, mind and spirit in time for summer time fun and trim enough to feel confident in my bikini.
Kristen’s Bikini Blast Workout
Warm up your muscles with stretching: Can Openers (10 per side), forward/sideways and backwards Kick Outs (10 for each. Alternate legs), wide leg squats with tap downs, first/second/third position.
A 1 to 3 mile run: Go to and map out the distance. Even if you walk, pick up the pace every two minutes. When you feel like you have reached your max, change it up by alternating a mild to moderate pace and then increase it to a step up in regards to intensity.
I love throwing in hills. I have a favorite hill next to Moonlight Beach. I try to sprint up this hill several times at least one day a week. If you want to see your backside tone, I suggest you find some hills as long as your knees and hips are up for it.
Weight circuit: I love seeing definition. The arms, shoulders and back are the easiest to see results in. I do 50 push-ups three times a week. Twice a week I step it up and do 2 sets of 10 wall push ups, 2 sets of 5 single leg push-ups, 20 pikes, 10 single leg pikes per leg, two sets of 25 bicep/tricep curls on the bottom side of a BOSU with 15-pound dumbbells, and 10 lat raises per arm. Backwards lunges also work wonders.
Lunges and squats: I generally use a parking lot or hill for these. I do 100 forward lunges. To increase the intensity at the end of the execution of the lunge, I tap my finger tips to the ground bringing my back leg up. For squats, I do at least 100. I like the sideways crossovers the best because they really work to define the hip flexors.
Ab workout: I do 50 straight leg crunches, 20 heel taps, 40 knee taps with a reach, 20 upside down V’s, 20 regular V’s, 10 X’s, and 20 Y’s.
Lifting weights make me feel powerful and in charge. I like that.
Combine this workout three times a week with a healthy diet and you are bound to see results. Nothing screams longevity like a healthy and strong body and mind. And being bikini ready is just the tip of the iceberg.
If you want a little more guidance, join one of the classes that I offer: MWF 6 a.m., MTh 6:30 p.m., Sun 9 a.m.. The early MW class meets at Moonlight Beach, near the snack bar. All other classes meet at the Encinitas Fitness Studio. You will workout inside and outside at these classes. Please call (760) 889-3097 or e-mail [email protected] with any questions.