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Welcome, readers, to the new Machel’s Ranch

Welcome to the new version of Machel’s Ranch. Almost three years ago, I started writing this column with a featured story on my struggle as a mom and son facing little league tryouts. As life has changed and evolved, so has my column. I am proud to launch the shorter version that will focus strictly on the latest happenings in the Ranch. Expect fun photos, events and most of all, maybe one of your own stories will be shared with my readers.
My column has been called “The US Magazine of Rancho Santa Fe,” by Ranch resident Michele Homen. Thanks Michele for such flattering words and for reading every week with your cup of coffee in hand. Please keep me up to date on any of your wonderful trips you always seemed to be taking.
From the Del Mar Racetrack to back to school and a Los Angeles artist visiting town, there are some new exciting stories to reveal. I’m also going to clue you in on one of the hot spots to be at on Monday nights that you might have missed until now. I want to thank all of my loyal readers for picking up this paper and reading our many pages. If you haven’t noticed we’ve definitely grown in size, too.
Around town
On Aug. 6, Jill Sorge and her good friend Lori West had a fabulous Friday in Del Mar in the Turf Club. These  good friends met up for some much needed girl time. They enjoyed dining, betting on the ponies, and then danced the night away at the packed B-52s packed. Jill Sorge has been a Ranch resident for many years and is just one of the nicest mothers I know in town. Thanks Jill, for letting me share your marvelous day in my column.
On Aug. 9, I received word from Delicias regarding their popular “Martini Monday Night.” Starting at 4 p.m. until close you can enjoy specialty martinis in the heart of the Ranch. Pictured are three lovely ladies you could spend your Mondays with, Lauryn Evertyz, Heather Reynolds and Jennifer Peterson. This might be just the ticket to jumpstart your week. For more information on Delicias and their weekly events, visit
On Aug. 12, I heard from Deana Carter of Carter Financial in Rancho Santa Fe. I just love Deana. From being a RSF Rotary member to running triathlons, you won’t catch Deana sitting  with nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon. For the past 20 years, Deana has been an expert on wealth management and advice for her many clients. I have included a lovely photo of Deana in my column. She’s right here local in the Ranch. For more information on this dazzling Ranch superstar, visit www.Carter
On Aug. 14, I had a surprise visit from one of my dearest friends in Los Angeles, Sandy Martin. Sandy and I met years ago when we were both younger. Now Sandy is a sought-after artist, collaborating with partner Tim Pheonix. We met at one of my favorite spots — Thyme in the Ranch. We sat and reminisced about the past and their exciting career in painting. What I found fascinating is they both paint on the canvas, placing their inspiration and interpretation of art together as one. Now that’s definitely original. Visit their website at to check out some of their art pieces. Thanks, Sandy and Tim for coming to visit my quiet world under the eucalyptus trees. How exciting that they are both truly working artists. It takes pure ambition to follow a dream.
On Aug. 17 I received word from Vicki O’Rourke on some exciting happenings going on with “Back to School” in full swing at Santa Fe Christian School. Pictured are the men of SFC Barbecue. These wonderful men took off one day of work to serve all of the students, and faculty a free barbecue lunch — how wonderful. Other good news is that Santa Fe Christian enjoyed record enrollment this summer. According to Vicki, they will still be accepting applicants for the lower school. For more information, call (858) 755-8900. Thanks Vicki for always keeping me in the loop. Congrats on your high enrollment this summer, too. 
Later that day, I heard form “Sizzling” Sacha Boutros when she invited me to attend one of her singing events at the Westgate Hotel in San Diego on Friday evenings. From 8 to 11 p.m., you can catch Sacha performing live with John Giulino on piano.  “Dimmed lights and sexy decor make it a place for lovers to be romantic and a place for music lovers as well,” Sacha said of the venue. Thanks Sacha for the invite, it sounds just like an evening I would love. I look forward to coming down. For more information, visit under “events.”
Save the date
Ladies in Rancho Santa Fe, mark your calendars! The Country Friends Fashion Show is just around the corner on Sept. 23. I just received my invitation in the mail. I must confess this is my absolute favorite day in Rancho Santa Fe. From lunching with great friends to watching the skinniest models to ever step foot in the Ranch, this is a day you won’t want to miss. This event raises money for many charities all over San Diego. To buy your tickets now, go to  Featured here from last year’s big day is fashion designer Janice Jaraicie and Dana Irfani, both local residents of Rancho Santa Fe.