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Michelle Lambert, CFO of the Vista Community Clinic, right, with Linda Strand, CEO of Independent Energy Solutions, celebrate the completion of the solar PV rooftop at the Vista Community Clinic. Courtesy photos
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Vista Community Clinic celebrates new solar PV installation

Vista Community Clinic (VCC) has joined the growing community of solar-powered organizations in North County with the completion of the solar rooftop array at their La Tortuga administrative office building.

VCC is recognized as one of the region’s key health providers with five state-of-the-art clinics treating almost 60,000 patients each year, and with newly expanded facilities in Riverside and Orange Counties.

“The thousands of dollars we expect to save will go a long way to help us control costs and continue to offer high quality service for years to come,” said Michelle Lambert, VCC’s chief financial officer.

With this project completed, VCC will be joining other local community resources that have also embraced solar PV as a cost-saving measure with an environmental benefit.

Carlsbad’s Alga Norte Park received solar PV carports in 2015, and Oceanside powers an estimated 25 percent of its San Luis Rey Water Reclamation plant from a 10-acre solar power plant on adjacent city property.

“Nearly every city in North County, including Camp Pendleton, is moving forward with new solar projects,” said Linda Strand, CEO of Independent Energy Solutions (IES), the Vista-based solar engineering and construction firm that was selected for the solar rooftop installation for VCC. “Almost every type of business can benefit from solar and for high energy users, they see an immediate reduction in utility costs and the return on investment can result in as little as five to seven years.”

Independent Energy Solutions has been providing solar engineering and construction services since 1998 and has witnessed the growth of solar first-hand.

“It’s thrilling to have the opportunity to help businesses and organizations in tangible ways, both for reducing energy cost and helping the environment, even more so when they are right here in our backyard.” said Strand.

The city of Vista adopted their climate action plan in 2013, and like many neighboring communities, are using solar PV as a tool to meet goals of reducing greenhouse gasses to 1990 levels by 2020 in compliance with California State Assembly Bill 32.

Solar PV installations in San Diego grew by 26 percent in 2015 ranking it second in the nation with a total of 189 megawatts installed. Los Angeles ranks first with a total of 215 megawatts installed capacity.

Having solar PV on your rooftop is just one of the options available for local businesses interested in cutting operating costs and benefiting the environment. Energy storage for both residential and business use continues to expand rapidly as the cost of batteries fall and new developments in battery technology take hold.

“Every customer asks about energy storage now, and the combination of solar PV on your rooftop paired with energy storage is clearly where the future is headed. It’s important for every business and home to have a long-term energy plan that includes emergency energy as well as controlling long term energy costs,” said Strand.

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Ray Carney October 21, 2016 at 5:03 pm

Vista Community Clinic is a waste of time. Should locate in the lettuce fields treating alcohol, drug addiction and vanerial disease.

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