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Two no-parking zones provide neighborhood safety

OCEANSIDE — City Council unanimously approved two residential no-parking zones without discussion Dec. 2. Requests for the no-parking restrictions came from residents who reported illegal activities occurring at Westport Drive west of Point Sur, and Heritage Street west of Fireside Street.

Both streets are in residential neighborhoods and do not have houses fronting the questionable section of road.

On Westport Drive residents have reported observing drug sales, drug use and prostitution occurring. They have contacted police and the homeowner association security patrol numerous times about the problems.

Residents on Heritage Street have reported similar illicit acts occurring where the public street narrows to 24 feet and becomes a private road, which leads to the city water treatment facility.

Those residents have contacted parking enforcement many times to report vehicles parking and loitering, littering, possible prostitution and suspected alcohol and drug use occurring.

The Planning Commission heard and recommended the no-parking requests in October. During the commission meeting city staff and residents shared eyewitness accounts of questionable activities.

“I haven’t seen the acts, but I have seen cigarette butts, alcohol bottles and graffiti on the back of fences,” Tesla Cotter, city assistant traffic engineer, said.

Residents said they have found syringes and used condoms in their yards. A city camera at the Mission Basin Groundwater Purification Facility on Heritage Street captured illicit acts on video.

The goal of the no-parking zones is to deter illegal activities. The cost of signage for each street is $350.