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TSCS creates just the right cyber solutions for business

CARLSBAD — Having updated cyber-technology and protection is essential for nearly any-sized business, but it can also be a challenge for those smaller businesses. With TSCS, small businesses can also transform their businesses with the same quality of technical support that many larger companies have.

TSCS (Technology Security & Compliance Solutions Inc.) is a firm that offers support with Microsoft optimization, cybersecurity, cloud computing, database, backup and recovery, data migration, network routing and wireless, and workspace virtualization.

The firm is veteran-owned by Gustavo Franco and is currently undergoing official certification to become a service disabled veteran owned business. He grew up in Solana Beach but moved away during his military career and recently moved back permanently.

For the nearly 30 years that Franco has worked in technology, he has grown a network of people that drive TSCS’s goals of delivering quality service to clients from the best of the best.

“We’re just a great group to work with,” Franco said. “We care about doing things right and getting the best results.”

Franco’s firm has worked with larger clients like insurance companies and a well-known children’s hospital in Menlo Park with tens of thousands of users.  They helped by assessing a three-year roadmap of what technology the hospital needs to improve performance.

“We transformed that business within a year,” Franco said.

Those same solutions and services are also available and valuable to smaller businesses as well.

“We bring the same methodical structured approach to all of the projects we do, whether they’re larger or smaller,” Franco said.

TSCS works with either enterprise or SMB (small to medium business) customers that each require quality solutions but have different sets of challenges and needs.

For example, many SMB customers require agility in their systems that leave room for growth and adapt to ever-changing challenges of the tech industry while maximizing profits. On the other side, enterprise businesses have more mature systems with rigid protocols in place that the firm could save money by freeing space up.

Every solution is tailored to fit the needs of a specific business. With improved technology, Franco’s clients can focus on their businesses rather than cybersecurity requirements, for example. Many smaller businesses tend to struggle with cyber insurance, which is often required by banks due to virtual crime. For those who have been hacked, TSCS can help them recover as well as prevent future hacks through their security solutions.

TSCS develops its own technical solutions as well as working with already established systems to help its customers.

“It’s really in the process where we shine,” Franco said. “We’re used to working with enterprise organizations that are able to spend a lot on technology, and with that experience we’re able to help create the right solutions for any-sized business.”

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have decided to stay virtual. Businesses who want to do the same but are unsure of how to establish the optimal virtual workspace can rely on TSCS to help that happen.

“We really help with an organization’s ability to achieve its business goals,” Franco said.

Franco is excited to be back in Southern California to provide his quality technical solutions in his old stomping grounds. Currently the business is offering slightly below market rate pricing to businesses in the area as a way to give back to the community he loves. “We’re really community minded,” he said.

To contact TSCS, call 888-254-TSCS or