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Shaping your body for summer has never been easier. Courtesy photo
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Trim fat and smoothen skin this summer with Moradi M.D.

Summer is officially here and shaping your body for the summer has never been easier than with Moradi M.D.’s CoolSculpting®, Vanquish and radio frequency skin tightening procedures that help trim fat and keep your skin looking smooth.

CoolSculpting® is an effective, non-invasive treatment which targets those stubborn, unwanted pockets of fat that won’t go away with diet and exercise. By using a technology called Cryolipolysis™, the process freezes unwanted fat cells and allows the body to naturally dispose of them.

Once an applicator is placed on a targeted part of the body, whether it’s the belly, arms, thighs or hips, it stays there for about 35 minutes until the process is complete. 

There is no pain associated with the process for patients — only a slight pressure and cold touch.

Another noninvasive fat reduction treatment is Vanquish. This uses radio frequency technology to target stubborn and unwanted fat cells in specific areas of the body. During the 45-minute treatment, the Vanquish device will be applied to directly hover over the treated area.

The body’s natural elimination process will allow the fat to be disposed of over time without surgical invasion. 

Double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Amir Moradi noted that Vanquish is not recommended as an excessive weight loss option but as an effective way to contour places of the body, such as the stomach, back, and legs.

The use of radio frequency in cosmetology is growing increasingly popular, which is evident in both the Vanquish procedure as well as in skin tightening procedures.

Exilis Ultra 360 uses radio frequency and ultrasound in combination to target the deepest layers of the skin to promote collagen production.

The goal of the non-invasive procedure is to tighten areas of the skin that have shown laxity to present a tighter look. The best target areas of the body include the face, neck, back, abdomen, arms and legs.

All of Moradi’s skin tightening treatments are performed in our office by our licensed aestheticians or nurses.

Dr. Moradi’s team provides a spa-like atmosphere during the procedure to help ease patients and allow them to relax during the rejuvenation process. And, just announced this week, Moradi M.D. was voted Best Cosmetic Surgery Center in North County, in the recent Best of North County contest. 

To get the body you want this summer, schedule an appointment at Moradi M.D. by calling the Vista office at 760-726-6451, the Carlsbad office at 760-434-8118 or visiting

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