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The FDA-approved injectable Qwo® is used to treat moderate to severe cellulite. Stock photo
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Moradi MD Med Spa brings two highly effective treatments for common beauty problems

One is Qwo®, a non-surgical treatment for one of the most vexing problems some women face: cellulite, the dreaded dimpling of the skin, especially on women’s, thighs and buttocks.

The other is Emsella, a non-invasive electromagnetic treatment for urinary incontinence for men and women. Emsella helps strengthen the weakened pelvic floor muscle that causes urinary leakage.

Qwo® is an FDA-approved injectable used to treat moderate to severe cellulite. It is designed to reduce the appearance of dimples in the buttocks, typically within three treatments over the span of just three weeks. Qwo® accomplishes this by working in three ways: releasing fibrous bands, redistributing fat cells, and stimulating the growth of new collagen.

“We inject it right into the bands that hold the fat and causes the dimples. That medication goes in there and basically breaks it up and releases the fat molecules,” says Julie Moradi, owner of the Moradi MD Med Spa. “Some patients are apprehensive about injectables, but this is really the least painful – it doesn’t hurt at all.”

After the initial treatment, Julie says, women experience mild bruising that can take up to two-plus weeks to heal. The second and third treatment generally result in only very minimal bruising.

“We’re one of the few places in San Diego that offer this treatment,” says Julie.

Moradi MD  also is one of the few North County med spas to offer Emsella, which uses electromagnetic stimulation to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle, resulting in greater control of the bladder. “We recommend a series of six treatments, twice a week, over three weeks,” says Candice Caillouette, who is a registered nurse. “And it really helps.”

Candice says Emsella is particularly useful for women who have had children. A common natural method of strengthening the pelvic floor muscle is Kegel exercises. A 28-minute Emsella treatment session, she explains, is equal to 16,000 Kegel exercises.

Once the initial treatments are complete, says Candice, Moradi M.D. recommends follow-up maintenance treatments. “Some women will want to come in once a month for maintenance, others once or twice a year,” Candice says. “Everyone is different. It’s individual – we customize it.” she went on to say, “This program is a game changer as we have had such great client success. It is truly life changing in that women do not have to worry about leakage, they can laugh hard, sneeze, exercise and even do jumping jacks without being worried about leakage. It also results in a better night’s sleep by not having to get up during the night to have to go to the bathroom several times.

Emsella compliments ThermiVa, a treatment for vaginal rejuvenation. “They work differently,” Candice explains. ThermiVa is a noninvasive, nonsurgical treatment that uses radio frequency to heat and tighten the external and internal vaginal region. ThermiVa also works to stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen, which rejuvenates the tissue. Each treatment can take up to 30 minutes and is performed in the office. Emsella costs $350 per treatment and the recommended amount six treatments.

Moradi MD is a top-of-the-line cosmetic center that offers both surgical and nonsurgical procedures. Headed by Dr. Amir Moradi, a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon who founded Moradi MD in 2000.

Currently, Moradi MD has two locations in North County, one in Vista and a recently opened location in Carlsbad Village, in the Carlsbad Village Faire shopping center at 300 Carlsbad Village Drive #124.

Moradi MD is offering several ways to end your summer right with some great specials. Call now to get 25% off a customized Qwo® cellulite treatment and a 20%  discount off  Emsella treatment  package. Call 760-434-8118 or visit

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