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Below is the most recent list of the world's top 8 largest casinos, from Las Vegas to Macau and Monaco. Read the article to learn more and choose the best casino.
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The World’s Top 8 Grandest and Largest Casinos

One of the most anticipated adventures on people’s bucket lists is travelling to a foreign country – perhaps another continent – and visiting tourist centres for the thrill, fun, and memories. The interest in that centre could arise from seeing it in a film, reading about it, or even just pure attraction from a picture.

These places could be 5-star hotels, museums, islands, aesthetic natural buildings, etc. It could even be the biggest casino in the world. In this piece, we will be looking at some of the biggest casinos in the world, where they are located, what makes them unique, and features to look out for should you like to visit.

  • WinStar World
  • MGM, Grand, Las Vegas
  • Venetian Macau, Macau
  • Foxwoods Resort Casino, Connecticut
  • City of Dreams, Macau
  • Casino di Campione
  • Wynn Palace
  • Ponte 16, Macau

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WinStar World Casino

In Oklahoma, United States, WinStar World Casino is the largest casino in the world and the largest in the United States! This enormous casino, which boasts a gaming area of at least 600,000 square feet, outclasses competitors with its 7,000+ gaming machines, about 100 table games, 800-seat bingo hall, and a non-smoking poker room. In addition to the allure of gambling, the resort’s golf course, spa, nightclub, sports lounge, and pool bar will keep you on your toes. Its 17 eateries mirror this global vibe, and its eight gaming plazas are named after some of the most well-known cities in the world. A 3,500-seat Global Event Center and a 7,700-seat Colosseum — venues a small town would be proud of — help this Chickasaw Nation-owned business attract top performers and events.

MGM Grand, Las Vegas

MGM Grand is in the famous Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Despite being a game-changer when it debuted in 1993 and considered casino royalty, this legendary entertainment facility on the Strip still exudes confidence. As it commemorates 25 years of operation, the MGM Grand, a byword for elegance and sophistication, is thought to have between 170,000 and 171,500 square feet set aside expressly for gambling. There are about 3,000 slot machines, 200 table games, a large convention and exposition space, a non-smoking poker room, and high rollers’ private lounges. And that’s all before you enter any of the resort’s 25 stores, three hotels, two theatres, an arena, spa, pool area, VIP villas, and 15 restaurants! MGM was initially the property of the Tropicana County Club and the Gulf Club Motel.

Venetian Macau, Macau

Located right across from the City of Dreams, this enormous Macau casino is among the largest casinos in history, making it simple to fully immerse oneself in this dynamic, thrilling, modern gambling destination. It is a casino resort in Macau, China, owned by the American Las Vegas Sands company and the flagship location for the resorts in that region. With an astonishing 39 floors and 10,500,000 square feet of space overall, the Venetian is a premium, opulent casino and hotel complex whose brilliant lights are a sight to behold when reflected in the lake below. Roughly 50% of that is devoted exclusively to gaming. 

It proudly displays 800 gaming tables, over 6,000 slot machines, and four themed gaming zones, so everyone can find the best casino game to win money for yourself. To provide guests with an unforgettable experience, this enormous resort is designed to resemble Venice’s enchanting, twisting canals and authentic landmarks. It has expansive areas for dining, shopping, and conventions, in addition to an events area with space for 15,000 people. Given that table games like baccarat, poker, and sic bo tend to pique the interest of Chinese gamblers, it is understandable that this casino dedicates a significant portion of its floor area to tables.

Foxwoods Resort Casino, Connecticut, United States

The Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation owns this expansive resort, home to six distinct casinos. Guests will have an abundance of options with over 250 tables, including standard games like blackjack and craps, and over 3,400 slot machines in an estimated 340,000–344,000 square foot gaming area. In addition, there are a few upscale boutiques and a retail mall. There is also a vast array of over 50 food and beverage establishments, a spa, golf, zip-lining, and bowling. Foxwoods has two hotel towers with over 2000 rooms available to casino guests who wish to stay for some days.

City of Dreams, Macau

Visitors travel from near and far to this exotic 420,000-square-foot themed gaming area to enjoy everything it has to offer. In addition to the ample selection of 450 gaming tables and over 1,514 gaming machines, there are VIP sections, four hotels, four spas, 175,000 square feet of retail space, and limitless boutique shopping to keep you busy. In supporting its self-promotion as a “leading leisure destination,” the <a href=”City of Dreams, which started operations in June 2009, features over thirty eateries and bars, art exhibits, a nightclub, and a live water theatre.

Casino di Campione, Italy

One of the largest casinos in the world is the Casino di Campione, located near Lake Lugano in Italy. It has 590,000 square feet (55,000 square meters) of gaming space. The casino was one of the biggest and oldest in Europe when it was first established in 1917. In 2007, the casino relocated to its present site, a massive new building with room for over 500 slot machines spread across nine stories and 56 gaming tables. After closing its doors in 2018 due to a bankruptcy declaration, the casino reopened in January 2022, removing the title of largest casino in Europe from the Casino Lisboa in Portugal.

Wynn Palace

Another opulent resort and casino in Macau is called Wynn Palace Casino. Wynn Resorts has two resort casinos in Macau, one of which is Wynn Palace. While Wynn Macau resembles the premium Wynn Las Vegas, this casino has a more distinct Chinese flair. Wynn Palace barely edges out City of Dreams with 424,000 square feet on the list of largest casinos worldwide. But even though Wynn Palace has more excellent room, there are a few more games at City of Dreams. 

As one might anticipate, the casino features over 1,000 slot machines and various game tables, such as baccarat, blackjack, and roulette. The gorgeous floral design of the Wynn Palace Casino, which includes an extensive collection of floral sculptures and installations across the resort, is one of its most notable aspects. The casino also has a “performance lake” feature with a musically coordinated fountain show.

Ponte 16, Macau, China

Explore 270,000 square feet of gaming space in Ponte 16 – one of the largest casinos globally. There are two VIP halls, about 307 slot machines, and 109 tables. The resort offers various game options, including face-up blackjack, American roulette, three-card baccarat, pat kao, and fan tan. Upmarket tourists may take full advantage of an opulent French hotel featuring a fitness center, spa, and swimming pool. In addition, there’s a foot massage parlour, a gallery showcasing unusual objects from around the globe, a kids’ play area with an Angry Birds theme, and a stage for live performances. Thanks to the seven eateries and bars, you won’t go hungry even while engrossed in the casino.

A unique and wholesome experience is tied to every casino on this list. They are the best you can find globally and offer that thrilling feel people experience vicariously from casino-themed movies.

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