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The choice for judges, DA in this election

The average voter hasn’t a clue how to vote for Judges.

We urge you to vote for Carla Keehn, to replace Judge Lisa Schall, who has had three admonishments by the California Council on Judicial Performance.

One of these admonishments was for a DUI arrest.

After a delay, until after no one filed to oppose Judge Schall in her previous reelection, Schall’s charges were reduced down to wet reckless through a plea bargain. Schall was driving the wrong way on a one-way street in Escondido, endangering lives.

Only one other California judge, in Contra Costa County has three CJP admonishments. Most judges are removed from office or retire after two. Lisa Schall doesn’t deserve the well-qualified given to her by the San Diego County Bar Association. Those same lawyers who have appeared and are likely to again appear before Schall are also being solicited to give Schall campaign contributions.

Assistant U.S. Attorney, Carla Keehn is much better qualified. Keehn’s pre-approved campaign signs erected in San Diego, were removed by Clear Channel, after behind-the-scenes pressure, when they had been posted for only two days.

Nor does Judge Jacqueline Stern deserve the “qualified” rating she was given by the SDCBA.

Although Stern doesn’t have three admonishments by the CJP, like Schall, Stern also isn’t even-handed or objective, and doesn’t exhibit good courtroom temperament.

Both Stern and Schall are especially biased against in pro se litigants. Jacqueline Stern recently overturned a jury’s decision, as the Trier of Fact, in a harassment case against an Oceanside police officer, although the officer had admitted his bad behavior, and had been fired. Stern overturned another jury’s decision in 2009, which decision was ultimately reversed by the Court of Appeals.

Please vote for Joseph Adelizzi, to vote Judge Jacqueline Stern out of office.

We also urge you to vote against Bonnie Dumanis, for District Attorney.

Dumanis has been investigated for numerous public scandals. One was Dumanis’ illegal campaign contributions from a Mexican billionaire in her unsuccessful run for Mayor of San Diego. Another is Dumanis’ apparently politically motivated prosecution of a Chula Vista Councilmember.

Dumanis also isn’t even-handed and hasn’t been forthcoming in fulfilling California Public Record Act requests. As there will be a run-off for this race, please vote for either Bob Brewer or Teri Wyatt to replace Bonnie Dumanis as DA.

Lynn Marr is a Leucadia resident



Frankly Speaking May 31, 2014 at 10:44 pm

Judge Schall should hang out with Bill Horn when in the East County. That is where Bill Horn is widely known to be a heavy drinker and rebel rouser. His neighbors could tell many stories about how his friendship with the sheriff’s have kept him with a clean slate, so far.

Melinda Vasquez May 31, 2014 at 12:09 pm

It is clear that the San Diego Bar Association & the Judicial Committee do not appropriately admonish or review sitting Judges.

This is an example of players picking referees and protecting their own interest even at the cost of their reputation. It is up to us to let the voters know about the Judges because no one can rely on the ratings of the bar associations or clubs.

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