Joe Moris

Letters to the Editor

Over development?  

We need to get our country back on track

I wrote earlier this year that this was going to be a negative year with the elections coming in November. It really hasn’t been as bad as I thought but I am still amazed at the polarization between the ideologies of the left and the right. It’s amazing we are all Americans yet think the […]

Winners reflect on time in Puerto Vallarta

Ervin and Debbie Ducommun came to Camp Pendleton from Missouri to visit their son while he was completing Marine Cobra Helicopter flight certification.

With spring near, maybe it’s time for a vacation

I’m in that spring mood. I can feel it getting closer. Vacation time is near. We’ll have some late winter-early spring storms and of course it will be cloudy on Easter Morning for sunrise service. But soon we’ll feel that Ahhhh feeling of being free. At least I hope so.

Learning to live on a boomer’s budget

I spent three weeks in Puerto Vallarta. It started the day before New Year’s Eve. I loved it. I got back to Encinitas at the end of January. It was cold. It rained the day after coming home. But since then we’ve had that glorious San Diego weather that everyone comes here for.