Baby Boomer Peace

 Simplifying life isn’t so simple.

I’ve touched on this a few times in the past. Everyone’s lives are vastly different from their siblings and peers even though the environments are pretty much the same. My daughter and I write in our book “Answers Heaven Speaks” about how we are all spirit whether we like it or not. It just is what it […]

Reminiscing on things past

Sure seems like there are a couple prominent times in our lives that we reminisce even more than other times.

Travel memories caught on camera

Travel memories caught on camera

For most people, taking photos is as much a part of the trip as plane tickets, suitcases and postcards. We want to be able to bring home memories and relive our travels.

Reader responses can span the spectrum. They love me or hate me.

In 1966, at the beginning of my senior year, my dad took a job with Air Asia in Taiwan. We were living in San Diego and my dad worked in the aerospace industry. In 1965 President Johnson had pressured the aerospace industry in San Diego to relocate to Houston, which devastated the San Diego economy […]

When it comes to Mexico, don’t believe everything you read

I’m sitting on my deck on this day, Dec. 6, 2013. I’m listening to La Fiesta de Guadalupe from all the resorts on the bay. Puerto Vallarta and all the surrounding cities are celebrating this holiday all the way through the 12th of December. It is a party every night and happening everywhere you go […]

Health care actually ‘affordable’ south of border

I just finished three sets of doubles tennis on some beautiful courts in El Tigre out in Nuevo Vallarta. Nuevo Vallarta is around the airport north of Puerto Vallarta. It’s a beautiful master planned development with many four- and five-star resorts, condos and homes. They also have the premier Medical Vacation Hospital right at its […]

Opting out of Obamacare

It’s nine at night as I sit on my balcony overlooking the Bay of Banderas with a view to downtown Puerto Vallarta. I’ve been here a month and I’ll come home after New Year’s.

Despite life’s lemons, you just have to have a plan

Today is my 64th birthday. That is amazing. I figured life was over when I was 50. That’s when a 28-year relationship ended and the kids were all out on their own. I felt like I had done my duty raising a family and what else was there to look forward to except work and […]

Divorce offers baby boomers second chance at freedom

Being a baby boomer is strange. I don’t think our parents went through what we have gone through. I definitely tip my hat to anyone in my generation who has been able to hang on to their marriages.

Keep heritage alive

I have on my wall a Newsweek cover from Aug. 28, 1989. The banner reads: “The Party’s Over.” The picture is of Lech Walesa. Walesa eventually became president of Poland. He became the George Washington of his nation. He stood up against communism and yet he was a labor union leader.