Carlsbad desalination plant

Portion of San Marcos pipeline will be relined to carry desal water

SAN MARCOS — In order to withstand the pressures that a particular stretch of pipeline in San Marcos will undergo once desalinated water begins to flow through it, the pipe will first have to be relined with steel.

Desal pipeline construction delayed

Desal pipeline construction delayed

CARLSBAD — Construction of the pipeline that will connect Carlsbad desalination plant to the San Diego County Water Authority’s aqueduct connection facility has been postponed due to production, design and permit delays.

Carlsbad desal plan gets the go ahead

CARLSBAD — The San Diego County Water Authority’s Board of Directors voted Thursday afternoon to approve a 30-year deal to buy water from a future Carlsbad seawater desalination plant, despite dissent from environmentalists and others.