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Maureen Quessenberry has watched her three sons, who all played at La Costa Canyon High, reach their goals of being in the NFL. She’s surrounded by, from left, David, Scott, her husband, David Sr., and Paul. Courtesy photo
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Sports Talk: NFL Sundays are go time for Mighty Mo

Can one still vote for Maureen Quessenberry as the mother of this year, and possibly, every other one?

What North County mom can match Quessenberry’s credentials, which includes having three sons on NFL rosters this season?

From oldest to youngest, here’s Team Q: Paul Quessenberry was a tight end on the New England Patriots practice squad, David Quessenberry is an offensive lineman for the Tennessee Titans and Scott Quessenberry plays offensive line for the Los Angeles Chargers.

This makes Sundays in Quessenberry’s Carlsbad home a mishmash of sights and sounds. It’s equal parts cozy residence, rowdy sports bar and a place where everyone knows your name and your intentions.

“We have a big barbecue at halftime and some people in the neighborhood just come for that,” said Maureen, who’s better known as “Mo,” as in go. “That’s OK.”

What’s not cool is if the TVs and other streaming platforms freeze. Tracking the three La Costa Canyon High products is an electronic and internet operation better suited for Qualcomm than Quessenberry.

“I don’t know how to do it,” she said. “All I know is there are a lot of computer cords and sometimes the games break off the internet, so I have the NFL app and someone will have the ESPN app, where we can’t watch it but we can see the play-by-play — we don’t miss it no matter what.”

Sometimes a Team Q player shines, but not necessarily for the camera.

“That’s when we go to the remote control,” Mo said. “If Scott gets a block, because it happens so fast, we replay it in slow motion otherwise we couldn’t even see it.”

Her three sons are a chip off the old block, which would be David Quessenberry Sr. Before a 30-year Navy career and retiring from Delta, this family football love affair took flight when he played for the U.S. Naval Academy.

And for 25 years, including when the boys were tykes, Team Q had San Diego Chargers season tickets.

“The kids just loved going to all the games,” Mo said. “Philip Rivers said when Scott joined the team, he knew more about the Chargers than he did.”

After LCC, college called: Paul, Navy and a five-year stint in the U.S. Marine Corps; David, San Jose State; and Scott, UCLA.

“There is a structure and leadership from home that led these young men to that success,” said Dale Henry, an LCC assistant who coached the trio. “Not sure the elite success of reaching the NFL was expected from all three boys, but we are not surprised.”

What’s shocking are the crowds, pre-COVID-19, that converged at the Quessenberrys for games. Parking, a premium, and not because they’re on a cul-de-sac.

The gatherings are compromised during the pandemic, with TVs outside for those cheering for Team Q.

Or do they attend to sample what David Sr. plopped on his flashy new BBQ, a present from his sons.

“He had a $20 gift certificate for the market and said he was going to get some Halloween candy,” Mo said. “He came back and I said, ‘Oh my gosh!’ He had tri-tip, chicken Parmesan and had spent $400.”

No one leaves the Quessenberrys with a queasy stomach, instead it’s satisfied with tasty grub. That leads to the breakfast victory cake tale and when raising sons hungry for the NFL, it better be filling.

The boys feasted on banana pancakes, stacked with eggs and sizzling bacon, on game mornings.

“They would run off with a full belly,” Mo said, which produces her belly laugh.

This woman, who texts her sons before each game, is a cinch for mother of the year. If not, we demand a recount, or at least another heaping helping of victory cake.

Its side dish of fruit comes courtesy of mighty Mo.

“Mom Quessenberry,” Henry said, “is a peach of a woman.”

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