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Soul on Fire: Finding a state of being, a way of life

I thought I would take this opportunity to re-introduce myself to the readership.

The path that guided me to this column was divinely ordained.

It may seem trite, but Soul On Fire isn’t just the name of a column. It is a state of being—a way of life. I allude to this with a common thread through all of the column’s submissions.

Thanks to The Coast News and the opportunity to start and submit the column, Soul On Fire is now trademarked and will be launching several spiritually-based businesses and a clothing line.

A business networking group that develops spiritually-minded entrepreneurial skills is in the works. Trade shows that will cross-market those businesses and services to each other, and the community will start as soon as the pandemic restrictions are lifted.

If desired, each of us can lift our consciousness to a spiritual level — a mystical level — seeing God in all our dealings.

We no longer need to compartmentalize this part of ourselves.

The world will become a better place if we can bring this miracle of living an illumined life, clear in the knowledge of our divinity, to all aspects of our experience and the world around us. With this shift and some Soul on Fire certification courses coming soon, you can confidently claim the Spiritual moniker for yourself.

Take a read below and see what it means to me to be a “Spiritual Realtor,” for example.  The objective will be to apply a version of these tenets to Soul on Fire Spiritual Entrepreneur Networking Group member’s businesses.

Some of the continuing education and certification curricula will be covering such topics as Abundance, Ethos, Practice, Being in the Moment, Having a Spiritual Toolkit, Ethics, Sobriety, Non-Competition Mindset, Service and Magic.

See how it feels once you claim this level of excellence for your business:

To hold yourself to a higher ethical standard because you answer directly and are deeply aware of your real Employer-God.

To adhere to The Golden Rule and inspire humanity.

To look for Spiritual solutions in all situations and lead by example.

To hone the gift of Intuition to help guide your clients. (Achieved by a daily practice of prayer and meditation and conscious contact with something greater than yourself).

To maintain solid relationships with key professional affiliates with similar values creating a standard of excellence.

To communicate with your heart and Soul to provide your clients with the information, data, statistics, and facts to make the best decisions above your profit, thus creating a difference in your client’s lives and humanity. 

It means being honest and compassionate and providing acts of love that guide your clients with your expertise to have an excellent experience and then refer you to their friends and family to give them the same excellent service.

It means being humble while continuing to hone your skills to maintain a higher standard of excellence with continued education. Having your service go way beyond the transaction.  No request is too big or too small.

It means it’s not what’s in it for you; it’s how you can be in service.

True, sincere service wrapped together with Love, Joy and Fun! 

Do you have a personal philosophy in your business or service that would classify as Spiritual? ‘If this sounds like an experience you would like to bring to your business, I would LOVE to have an opportunity to work with and for you so that your business has its own Soul and that it ignites.

Soul On Fire Spiritual Networking Group is forming now, so if you have an interest, please contact me directly at 760-208-3382 to discuss your future involvement.